The Samsung Galaxy S10 (5G) is a monster with 6 cameras and a 6.7 "large show!


The Samsung Galaxy S10 is updated. We have just notified us about three models that will be broken down with equipment, size, and display type. Today we have new information on the most expensive Galaxy S10 with a 5G connection. They wrote about the news Wall Street Journal also the South Choir ET News.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 with a 5G connection is named as part of the interior Past X. Samsung aims to show the world how big they did in the last 10 years. Galaxy S10 is designed for 10th anniversary of satellite phone representation Samsung is returning home first row, who will not compete at the time of the show.

6.7 "shows and 6 cameras

It is expected that the machine will offer it well 6.7-inch screen. 6 cameras, of that 4 will be back and 2 at first. The ET News service states that one of the back sensors has been designated as ""Flight time"The camera that allows us to create the machine 3D Images. OPPO R17 Pro is a camera similar to it now. Thanks to it, the Galaxy S10 will be able to work with real and widespread truth incomparably better na other smartphones. You will be able to try new clothes or furniture online.

Repeat without wire

Like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy S10 (5G) is also a & # 39; offer wireless wire into wireless activity. He works almost in one way. It is enough to connect another user phone to the back of the machine, which starts to return. However, Samsung is likely to significantly improve the level of cost, as it is total power, which he can do Mate 20 Pro other devices will not be submitted but around 2.5 W.

Samsung has The four models of the Galaxy S10 Imagine already during the MWC event in Barcelona, which is held at the end of February. However, only three of them focus on their & # 39; market first. The 5G version comes at the end of the # 39; March or early April.

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