The Samsung Galaxy S9 is getting the third beta of Android 9 Pie


After a couple of years to use Samsung Experience, and many others with the previous man Guidance for parents, I have to say that I am in love with One UI, the Galaxy interface that is lRead Android 9 Piece. Cleaner, closer to Android stock, with a dark mode that has been very well present in my phone … If Samsung Galaxy S9 no S9 + I recommend you try to update it: the third beta is now available.

Samsung continues to & # 39; Develop what's a smart jump on software level in their smartphones. For this reason there are three betas already in the process of polishing the system and its work. Developments in camera, lively changes, changes to bids … And a error correction which comes in with the last update.

Third UI beta: more than 500 MB of major reporting and correction of errors

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is getting the third beta of Android 9 Pie with One UI

As I said, the last one updated for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + ready for everyone who has got into the official beta. If this is a case, you will find out Samsung Members and / or new update is known. On the other hand, access the "software upgrade" tool of your phone settings: surely find the new software so you can download it.

Download 528.76 MB, correct interconnection and correct mistakes, much more consistency and fluidity, correcting emergency closure … I have no mistake in the three weeks that I have been testing UI, but I know that many users talk about difficulties and discomfort with their clients; beta. There is nothing new: just for that, to find faults before the renewal is distributed in a sustainable way to millions of owner users Samsung Galaxy.

What do you want to try the beta for you? Samsung Galaxy S9 no S9 +? You must follow the following steps:

  • Access to the application Samsung Members. If you're not installed, see it in the Samsung app app store.
  • Open Samsung Members and register with your mobile phone.
  • Get the message section and study the Android 9 Pie Betas program. As soon as it appears, enter up.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is getting the third beta of Android 9 Pie with One UI

Since now your phone is already registered in the time One UI Beta and Android 9 Pie: you have to wait to update the warning to find or find the new version on a daily basis from the mobile phones. Under my knowledge totally my beta: Samsung's work is very high.

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