The Santiago Solari sentence that inspired criticism in Real Madrid – 01/05/2019


Santiago Solari has 14 games led by Real Madrid and won the title: World Cup in United Arab Emirates. However, the Rosario, the son of Eduardo and the son of Jorge Solari, is under the magnificent magnitude in Madrid. After his defeat against Villarreal on Thursday and the team failed to disagree questions and doubts, but a phrase from this Saturday coach came up to her; establishing a coach at the heart of his clan.

"Delete the links", Solari said at a news conference – this Sunday he gets Real Sociedad – and the optimistic speech of the Indiecito did not die well in madridism who still has to win . This is featured in the sports capital of the Spanish capital. In the Brand there are two reviews: the first one, you will be asked "The situation of Madrid, as Solari said", was happy and 87% do not think (about 40 votes voting); in the second, "What note do you send Solari to date?", It's the best answer "suspense" by 42%.

In the opinion of journalist Miguel Angel Lara, in the middle, the field is marked to Solari: "That land was already determined by Toshack and his flying pigs, Schuster and refused to go to Champ Nou or Pellegrini and score, leaving behind, after and after their feet in front of ".

At the same time, Solari is trying to value her work. Since his defeat – after leaving Julen Lopetegui, on November 28 – crew from the nineteenth to fourth place and was dedicated to the World Cup Cup.

In addition, the Argentine coach states that they are " throwing and physically separating, as a result of the trip to Emirates, and the injuries of a large proportion of the low level of the team: Bale, Asensio, Mariano and Llorente are injured. "The most important thing is that we manage to recover the energy level, that the injured players get back and do not harm what we have get out. It's not the tools in the players. It's hard to play every three days and we have to compete at a good level of energy. "

But from the football they also try Solari. They want "to play the best ones", because & # 39; and he has been refusing to give Marcelo, a low level at the World Cup, rest; As long as he was inspired to replace Toni Kroos and Luka Modric's place in La Ceramica de Villarreal, he did not as much ascertain what; Brazilians in recent games.

Real Madrid has seven points behind the director, Barcelona, ​​when 21 games have left. However, the fire test for Solari will be on 13 February, when the first part of the 16th of the Games League in Amsterdam, against Ajax; and the exchange will be on 5 March, at Bernabéu. If it happens, Solari will continue; but if not …

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