The Saudi artist, Dalia Mubarak, sends her first child


Cairo – Sarah Ibrahim

Dalia Mubarak, Saudi Arabia, her husband's first child, American "Haem" businessman, was released on Saturday evening (November 17).

The Saudi artist announced this successful news for her listeners, at her own expense on "Instagram", where she published a picture of her baby, and she said to her: "It is a praise to God … Lee Samar," the name she gave him a baby.

Dalia had a video clip from inside the hospital where she appeared with her husband. She was wearing hospital clothes, and she was still in hospital; dancing, to bring her pleasure to come closer to her baby, and put the video in touch with her comment, "Call me."

It is obvious that Dalia Mubarak had shown that she was waiting for a female child, and he said that It is "Lee Lee Samar" to sing "meaning lily summer" or "summer flower."

She chose a first part of the name, "Lee Lee" and her husband chose the second part "Samar", and he discovered that this name is related to the beauty of the summer.

Dalia Mubarak celebrated her husband, an American American businessman, at the end of February. The ceremony was held behind a Turkish geat. Ahlam and her husband Mubarak Al Hajri were present at her. concert.

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