The Saudi case rises with the help of banks … quiet trades in other Gulf markets


The Saudi Arabia stock market has risen today, with the help of replacing banking stocks, although there have been little changes to stock markets. Chamais in silent trade.

The Saudi Arabia's 1.2 per cent mainstream index was built, with NCB, the largest nationwide supporter, up 2.5 percent, and Al Rajhi Bank got 2.3 per cent.

The shares of the International Soul Holding Group expanded at a maximum of 10 per cent after its company had developed an unconnected understanding memorandum to acquire an indigenous and commercial assets owned by Abdullah Aarbar and Sons Co. and Dar Al-wells Co. Ltd to buy

Amanah Cooperative Insurance Co. won 1.2 per cent after the agreement of the Saudi Arabian (CMA) Capital Market Commission (CMA) demand to build 100,000 rents ($ 26.7 million) through a copyright issue.

Abdullah Saad Abu Muti departments expanded 9.2 per cent in silent trade after the sales company account increased in a third quarter profit.

But Saudi 10 per cent business exports, which hit the seventh call just, after going to & # 39; get over 200 percent since the beginning of October.

Qatar Exchange 0.4% exchange exchange rate, with AADI receiving 2.7 per cent and the largest market, long-term profit & # 39; Vodafone Qatar rises 1.1 percent.

A 0.4 per cent equivalent Egyptian measure fell, with an International Commercial Bank (CIB), the largest registered bank in the country, down 1.9 per cent, and losing three ongoing sessions.

The Palm Hills Developments fell by 1.9 per cent, although their profit company was third quarter.

But Juhayna Food Industries continued to rise, rising 3.9 per cent to 11 pounds of Egypt. HSBC stocked the Juhayna stock level to recommend "keep" from a "decrease" recommendation, which sets its target price at EGP 9.5.

The general index on the Abu Dhabi market grew 0.3 percent, after the decline in the previous two sessions. The first bank of Abu Dhabi, the largest United Arab Emirates, 1 per cent, long-term bank & # 39; ADCB rises 2 per cent.

Open Dubai listings open. Dubai investment fell by 2 per cent.

But Shuaa Capital rose 2.9 per cent after saying that he had been in & # 39; 4.8 per cent share in Ajman Bank for 100 million people. Ajman Bank fell 0.1 per cent.

Stock markets in Kuwait and Oman were closed on public holidays.

In the following, the closing rates of stock markets in the Middle East:

Saudi Arabia: The index rose 1.2 per cent to 7,607 points.

– Dubai: The 2755 points index set.

Abu Dhabi: the index rose 0.3 percent to 4,985 points.

Qatar: The index rose 0.4 per cent to 10,328 points.

– Egypt: the program fell 0.4% to 13,675 points.

– Bahrain: The index rises 0.7 per cent to 1,323 points.

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