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Saudi price reviewed on Monday 11/11/2018 in banks recently updated from the Arab News website, on Monday, November 19, 2018.

We offer you Saudi Riyal Commercial Rates Today Monday, 11-11-2018 in banks updated from minutes, where it is thrown Saudi price according to Egypt Saudi Riyals are sold in Egypt. So, the investigation is in Egypt. Egypt is the largest of the number of emigrants and Umrah each year. There is also a strong Egyptian community working in the United Kingdom. In Saudi Arabia, Saudi Riyals are different from one bank to another. This is because prices are set up in each bank based on the supply and demand device, which differs from one bank to another and thus gives a variety of prices, but the interconnections Very little televisions Over a few piasters.

Commercial Riyal Saudi Riyal Today

The Saudi currency is in a state of stability in Egyptian banks, with the end of the holiday season, the issue of supply and demand in the Egyptian currency market than the normal rate, and reached Saudi Riyal Commercial Rates Today At the Cairo Bank in 4.76, while the retail price of 4.79 pounds is, the following table In Saudi Riyal rate In all public and private banks.

Saudi Riyal Level Today in Egyptian Banks

Maximum price to buy: 4.77

Gulf Gulf of Egypt Bank

Lowest price: 4.72

Arab Bank

Price Price Bank for the latest Price Sale price from Gulf Gulf Èipheit Bank 4.77 4.79 16 hours Bank Audi 4.77 4.79 16 hours Suez Canal Bank 4.77 4.79 16 hours Bloom Bank 4.76 4.79 47 minutes International International Bank 4.76 4.79 16 hours per hour HSBC HSBC 4.76 4.79 months The Median Bank of the Bank 4.76 4.79 10 hours The National Bank of Egypt 4.76 4.78 4 weeks the Bank of Egypt 4.76 4.77 16 hours The Bank of Cairo 4.76 4.79 4 weeks AIB Arab Investment Bank 4.75 4.79 10 hours Islamic Bank Abu Dhabi 4.75 4.79 15 hours of the Swiss Agricultural Bank 4.75 4.79 14 hours International Commercial Bank (CIB) 4.74 4.79 16 hours Outfit Development Bank 4.74 4.79 10 United Bank Hours 4.74 4.79 15 Mashreq Bank Hours 4.74 3.79 3. Any Swiss Bank Iran Development 4.74 4.82 14 hours National Bank of Quay (Piracy) 4.74 4.79 16 hours Creideas Agricole 4.74 4. 79 4 weeks National Bank of Greece 4.74 4.80 14 hours International Bank of Saudi Arabia 4.74 4.79 16 hours National Bank of the NBK Quith 4.73 4.80 5 times Alexandria Bank 4.73 4.78 4 days Arab Arabian Bank 4.73 4.83 11th Housing & Development Bank 4.70 4.79 6 months Al Baraka Bank 4.69 4.82 16 Arab Bank Hours 4.67 4.72 One Year

Saudi price today is a black market

Is it different Saudi price according to the black market The traders have official prices in money in Egyptian banks, as Saudi currency traders have access to the need for money; Citizens of that money, and thus sell and buy, buy and buy Saudi price today is a black market EGP 4.77 was to be purchased, while the sale price was 4.82 pounds, a difference of 3 piasters for its & # 39; price in government banks.

Saudi Riyal Commercial Rates Today

Saudi Riyal Weather for the coming time

From the Central Bank's decision in 2016 to be & # 39; sailing the dollar in Egyptian banks and so full of sail Arab money and foreign countries, Come Saudi Riyal Fees In accordance with the law of supply and demand, on request arising The Saudi Riyal At the time of Hajj and Umrah, its price arises slightly, and its # falling back with the decline in the demand, so the price varies and displays change at any time and can not be expected, either in banks or in the case; black market.

Update: Saudi Riyal's latest news today

Rose Saudi Riyal Commercial Rates Today Monday 11-11-2018 In some of the banks, the price fell in others, as long as it was reinforced Riyal rate In other banks, where they are registered Saudi money Today In Egypt Gulf Bank 4.77 was to be bought, and it was 4.79 not a & # 39; Sales price, while buying price in the National Bank of Greece 4.74, and the sale of 4.80 pounds, one of the reasons for this consistency has a Saudi budget deficit and oil prices throughout the world. world.

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