The Saudi shares are a $ 9.6 billion loss victim in the & # 39; first session of the week


DUBAI (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia shares more than 2 per cent on Sundays, which dropped around 36 billion compensation ($ 9.6 billion) from their market value, led by long-term sales, Concerning the disturbance and responsibility of investors from current political events.

The common market index for Saudi stock, Sunday trading decreased by 2.16%, equivalent to 165.26 points, to complete the session at 7496.91 points, with a decline in & # 39; Most companies sold in today's session, according to data published on the "Tadawul" Saudi website.

There were more than 142.7 million shares between the attracted sections, with a change of around 3 billion hospitals, worth 800 million dollars, which were made over 110 thousand items, where The sections of 14 companies are worthwhile, and the division of 168 companies rises.

The market value of the sectors registered on the Saudi market fell around about 1,780 trillion trusts, or 474.6 billion dollars, from 1,816 trillion warrants, or 484 billion dollars, at the end of last Thursday.

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