The Saudi stock stock dropped to a low month in the opinion of negative depositors


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RIYADH: Saudi Arabia stock index fell to one day on a Sunday basis, with banking stocks that impacted the decline in a database, with negative view on investors.
The two UAE courses closed on public holidays, and stock markets in the mixed sector were in quiet trade.
The Saudi case fell by 2.2 per cent, with 165 of the 180 shares sold on the stock market and only 11 sections rose.
Al Rajhi Bank lost 2.9 per cent and the National Commercial Bank, the largest nationwide bank, fell 3.5 per cent.
The National Education Company closed 5.3 per cent higher than its first public offer on its & The first day of exchange, which had increased by 10 per cent, was the highest permitted daily number.
The company sold 13 million shares, equivalent to 30.23 per cent of capital after promotion, in the original public tender of the last month. The subscription to the institutional department, representing 90 percent of the contribution, was 155 per cent.
Iran's analysis said the recent decline in Saudi market was due to serious danger following the latest news on the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at Saudi Consulate in Istanbul in October.
Market data showed that investments with foreign credits sold more than they bought over the week to the end of November 15 to continue with the sale amount due to concern over to & # 39; removing relations between Saudi Arabia and foreign governments after the death of Khashgi.
President of the US Donald Trump sat on CIA's evaluation of her & The Prince of Crown Flamed Mohammed bin Salman to kill the journalist as "too early" and said he would get a full report on his / her; Tuesday case.
The State Department said Washington could take steps as well as financial sanctions against 17 Saudi officials announced at the end of the last week.
In Qatar, the 0.8 per cent index rose as Catar Gas 7.6 per cent. The stock lost 5.6 per cent on Thursday and 10 percent Wednesday in response to the Masci decision not to list the stock on its global motifs, expectations of market.
Businesses Qatar and Masraf Al Rayan got 0.8 per cent.
In Egypt, the index jumped 2.1 per cent and most stocks increased. An International Commercial Bank (CIB) awarded 2 per cent and East Tobacco received 5.1 per cent.
The Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman indexes have been confirmed.
The following are the closing rates of tariffs of Arabian stock markets:
In Saudi Arabia, the 2.2 per cent index drop fell to 7,497 points.
In Qatar, the 0.8 per cent index rose to 10,297 points, while Kuwaiti's contents were 5285 points.
Bahrain had a decision of 1,311 points and the Oman index was 4,442 points.
In Egypt, the index rose 2.1 per cent to 13,969 points.

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