The scaling of the black scabbard helps black holes by finding lightweight crannogs of a dark case.


Daniel Baumann et al. / Corporate review D, 2019

Theoretical physicians from the Netherlands and their Germany Suggestions to find lightboxes similar to teams by clicking on " intervene interventions from bold systems that attach black holes. For this reason scientists have shown that a cloud of myths, which is created as a result of a high heel of high earnings, can make silent interruptions and change the fascinating mark. Land based distributors will not see the simplest details, but the LISA space detector, which they hope to launch in the mid-30s, can easily be maintained. Article published Corporate Review Dgiving her information Physic, the pro-work of the job will be posted on the site.

As a rule, when physicians talk about a dark case, they are Wimps (WIMP) – great faults that work strongly. As such friends do not participate in electromagnetic interaction, it is not possible to do so; using a normal telescopic (that is why it is called "dark" that is the case). Wimps rises in a large number of theoretical models – for example, in supersymmetric theories – which shows that protonous ministers are high; in many delicious items. Unfortunately, even the biggest detectors were not aware of seeing WIMPs in their use. So, now, physics can move to different theories of dark case gradually.

In particular, some of these modules say dark topics are not very heavy, but with incredible light bossons, most than 10-19 a lot of protons. Like wimps, that May makes a weak difference with fragments; General Models, however, they leave them through impactable effects – spectacular cuffs and galaxies circulation brackets. The most famous example of the light man's son, which was proposed in 1977 by Roberto Peccei and Helen Quinn. In general, initially, axion was introduced into the general model to "solve" the problem of preserving CP-invariance in strong interaction, but also a & # 39; responds well to the purpose of dark cairns. In addition, axry-like crannogs are rising in tight theory and other theories. Unfortunately, recording axions is a & # 39; Using ground based detectors is very tough, and so far scientists can explore a narrow range of many.

Theoretical theoretical experts, Daniel Baumann, Horng Sheng Chia and Rafael Porto have recommended another way to find similar items to the east. In order to do this, scientists know that clouds of loudspeaker of loudspeakers are created as a result of super-radiation around the black holes. Theoretically, these clouds can impact on the shades of the hard waves that are in place; Introducing bold systems of related finger earnings. Now scientists can measure this spectrum, although it is very rough – so, with the help of wavelengths of globality, one can prove that there are relationships. Unfortunately, no one has previously checked this opportunity.

To begin, to simplify the problem, physics explored how the scabbard of gloves is created around a "lonely" black hole, going faster than the stepfather pace in a falling wave. Maintaining the general vision of excellence, scientists estimate the mutation of the Bosons movement with the Schrödinger equation, acquired their own values ​​and joint actions, and then to & # 39; count the life of the bosom clouds. To a large extent, physical experts commented on the "impressive atom", which was enter the black hole, and the electrons – the fragments like holes. As a result, the researchers found that the life of the clouds is proportional to a black hole and is unsuccessful fifth level "Structuring a good movement of motion" – the ratio of the Compton's full-tone and full-tone shape of lightweight voters. This means that the prevalence of radiation tends to scoup for the world's hip hop if the "correct stable structure" is less than 0.07 (rapidly growing by the cloud) . For more black holes, this restriction is a bit weaker.

Then scientists investigated how the semi-stadium states would change the bosom's scams if we put a neighbor to the black hole. To do this, they used a theory of trouble, and thought the neighbor was able to; removing central weakness of the first black hole. The answers that are similar to Rabi appear to appear in ordinary times; appear in such "hard molecules". For physical activity, physical experts have given two cases – the frequency of frequency of rotation with a lower split of its energy levels or the difference in external power. Scientists are called a & # 39; The first case was skilfully, the second one – the reputed Bohr. As far as possible, the two revival will be mixing methods that grow and grow; decline and cause the sun to be severely lost.

Finally, researchers have an estimate of how to revitalize the clouds of the bosons to influence the range of impressive waves; bold system disappeared. As expected, the better signal, the longer life of the cloud and above the top of the mind. More precisely, the frequency of the signal is consistent with the sixth phase of "constant nostalgia structure" for hyperfine response and the third "stable" step for the Bohr response. In practice, this means that soil coaters can not ignore the signal. Despite this, scientists say that a LISA place with a shoulder in the 2.5 million kilometer order is capable of catching a signal from bold systems with a mass of about ten thousand sunshine.

The authors of the article confirm that their approach is to; Feel even those fragments that are related to the items of the General Modules. only interaction is likely. Any other test can not be like hedgehogs, though they are a good candidate for a dark job. However, scientists are also aware that their analysis is not enough to implement them, and promotes their future development.

Although there are Corporate Review D Publishes an article just last week, scientists pronounced in advance last April. As a result, before the release, it was reported already 15 hours. In addition, some of the articles were recorded in magazines with a review much earlier than Bauman, Chia, and Porto's work.

In June 2015, NASA's witch, Jeremy Shnittman, showed that a sub-result of the identification of dark case items near a black hole can be recorded with gamma-ray telescopic. In February 2018, American researchers found that neutron stars could be warming up because dark situations were in a position; fall on them. Despite the fact that such warmth can not be measured, in the future it can be noted by the rare telegop "James Webb", which is scheduled to launch in spring . In addition, last year, a number of groups estimated how the primary school holes expanded significantly to a dark topic that affected the immature immunization: The first supernovae body for this is the second dwarf disease.

In July 2018, physicians from the University of Brunswick suggested that Finding axions using the use of electronic devices – scientists have been able to; show that the strong field of electrode and behavior is the same as a range of matching and means that the items will be turned. And in December, researchers from Germany found that axes change the potential of Coulomb and its; Electricity of electricity in hydrogen. Theoretically, such shift can be used to find axions, but it is still not possible – to note the corrections expected by scientists, the measurement error must be minimized -e hundred hundred thousand times.

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