The scene with which Meghan Markle broke three rules about the protocol itself


Meghan Markle looked clearly in black Givenchy clothes during the gala gala British Fashion Awards which took place on Monday 10 December in London, England. But his legs did not continue to set out the dress code set for British royal members.

For starters, the royal family's women should not use sticks of strong or dark colors, and Meghan black lacquer chose. First mistake Although this is not an official rule, Queen Elizabeth has her & # 39; Believe a colorful logo that confuses it, and that attractive colors should be used instead.


In addition, black clothes are reserved only for funerals, or for special evening events. Second Dean of Sussex's second mistake. Color data: when you travel, members of the royal family must carry a black set if someone is in a position; die as long as they go out.

Third, left the uniform that was waiting for her & # 39; boy 37 years old one of her shoulders opened when protocol was held.

The magazine told People magazine that Meghan "has found certain rules in the sad home to understand, as the truth that women have a queen in dresses or dresses skirts instead of pants, and often asking Harry about what to do in a particular way. "

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