The Schumacher family celebrates 50th birthday at F1


The family of Michael Schumacher invited fans to visit the "online museum" to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 7th F1 Championship in the world and to tell the heart of "Car King" he is getting the "best" Human care. "

He has been a fifth year since Schumacher suffered a bad outreach in skiing in the end of 2013, and is still recovering at home in Switzerland. As his family is always secret about his physical condition, many people have been blamed to measure unprofitable shoes.

Today (January 3) is the 50th birthday of the famous F1 driver. The Schumacher family made a rare recital before this crucial day, showing its position to the outside world that has been Caring for it, but also hopes that the family of Schumacher respects them.

"You can believe that it is getting the best people responsible, and we do everything we can to help it," said the statement. "If you continue Michael's desire, realize that we are as consistent as ever. Keeping your privacy on this sensitive health issue".

Despite this, the Schumacher family will celebrating its 50th birthday in a unique way and inviting fans to ' Take part in the online museum on the official application of Michael Schumacher.

"We are delighted to mark Michael's 50th birthday with you tomorrow, and we are also grateful to join us. As a gift to you, you and us, the Keep Fighting Trust is on a home- Create an online museum. The official application of Michael Schumacher will be launched tomorrow. It is another milestone in our own app, you and its to continue to achieve it. "

"Michael can be proud of what he has achieved, so we are the same. This is because we have kept Michael Schumacher Private Collection in Cologne in memory of his achievements, & # 39 ; reminiscence of social media, through the Keep Fighting Fund. Continue with humanity. We want to keep track of its effects, recording and happy moments. "

"At the same time, we are very grateful for your relationship and we promise you to be healthy and happy 2019."

The private collection, which started the Schumacher family, was opened in Cologne last year, showing its moved-away gardens, the low-level car and 12 F1 cars drunk, more than 20 helmets; and 40 The remaining prize.

Schumacher 11 organized world camps during his session in the 1996-2006 Ferrari, which included the five titles of the seven episodes he has won in the world. The Ferrari Museum has designed a special exhibition and will open it today.

It is worth saying that the son of Schumacher, Mick Schumacher, has been on the way to a professional racer. In the 2019 season, it will represent a Prema team in the FIA ​​F2 Competition closest to F1 level.

Michael Schumacher, Ferrari F2001

Illustrated by: LAT Images

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