The scientific explanation of the light at the end of a tunnel that was seen at death


Two British scientists have analyzed a number of ideas and theories about getting into a tunnel with a light at the end, Most people who have experience near death report.

People who are almost die often say they have seen events and being familiar with clear white light at the end tunnel No meetings with family members missing or pets. Despite the supernatural nature of these experiences, science can explain why they are; happening and what they did, British scientists, Neil Dagnall and Ken Drinkwater said in an article that was published in the " Conversation.

The experiences that are close to death "have a real event with other issues", explaining the experts, and # 39; Remember that such a situation could be caused by instances of physical or emotional depression, but also after having a heart attack or injured brain injury or even as long as an idea is made.

A third of people who have been familiar with this situation suggest that they have familiar feelings of feelings such as satisfaction feelings, a psychic setting; body, rapid movements slowly and dark tunnel until it reaches a clear light, the sciences say.

They also affirm that culture and age also have an important role. So, for example, many Indians say they have met Him, the death of Hindu, as long as the Americans say they met Jesus. In addition, children often report that they are " meet friends and teachers.

In 2009, Olaf Blanke and Sebastian Dieguez neuroscientists suggested two tuition of near-death experiences. The first type is related to those cases where the brain's right extreme universe is affected, and means that there is a feeling of a change and a flying plane. The second, connected to the deviation in the left-hand side, is marked by seeing or leaving. communicate with spirits and hear voices, sounds or music.

Another important role played by the temporal lobes is: this area of ​​the brain is involved in the processing of sensitive and memorable information, so that unobtrusive activity in the lobes can make sense and strange ideas do.

What is this reason for?

Although there are a number of theories that try to give a close definition of death, it is difficult to get to the bottom of what it is; Ending, Dagnall and Drinkwater will call. These show people of faith to Believe that these programs give evidence of life; passing death (in particular, separation of spirit from the body), and scientific explanations for this type of genres are aimed at personality, as it is defined for their sense of separation from the body.

The scientific author Carl Sagan praised in 1979 that death pressure gives birth to memory, and # 39; recommend that "Tunnal" people see as a new image of the canal's birth.

At the same time, other researchers have abolished these experiences to cerebral anoxia, a lack of oxygen in the brain. In this way, air pilots have been experiencing a lack of knowledge loss when they rapidly accelerated and have a " describes features similar to near-death experiences, such as vision tunnel Oxygen content can also attack the time lob, causing bad ideas.

However, it is "the idea of ​​a lasting brain," the theory that suggests that there are adverse reactions caused by brain activity as the cells are; begin to die. However, this theory does not define the total range of awareness that these programs may have, such as outdoor experiences.

This man, "died" nine times, and can still tell himself:

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