The screen will eliminate your eyes … Now we know how!


Our mobile phones are their favorite tools. Almost we have left early in the morning to last branches before they start on the bed, but it may not be the blue light that is distributed from it and from the other digital devices We have been a trustworthy friend.

The history of the searches evolves on a daily basis on the cumulative effects; at a light of blue, causing disturbance in a biological clock and subsequent suffering with diabetes and sleep problems. The doctors also drew attention to the relationship between these devices and eye problems, which flow from everyday eyes to blue water (glaucoma) to macular degradation.

In a new report, the report on the global science site in this area shows how the blue screen can destroy the eyes and what we do about it?


People can see a special spectrum of lights, from red to violet. The shortest waves appear blue, and the longest are the most; appear red. What we see as a white color – is it a & # 39; come from sunlight or screen – almost every color in the spectrum.

The obvious light expands between red and purple, the image source: Wikipedia

In a recently published paper in the Nature Force magazine, researchers at the University of Toledo began to investigate the potential for unwanted chronic eyes of the eye rising from close or late exposure with short waves 445 nm called blue light. The results can have a major impact on consumer technology in general.

The professor of chemistry and author of the «Agith Karonarathny» researcher looks like apprentices to his / her; car and retina fuel. Explain it in detail: «When the eyes of the blue light are just in the laboratory – including indication of what happens when we look at our screens and computers – Ath chemical surgery in the molecules retina san t-eye. Blue light causes a reasonable ban, creating chemical chemicals.

The result, according to «Karonarathny»:

Retinal is an energy supply of this special area of ​​lightweight cells that get light; these cells are not revived if destroyed.

If the allergy is a fuel, blue light is dangerous.

These results do not mean the disastrous destruction of a vision is resolved. But the test shows how blue light can be & # 39; Killing light cells Obtaining gray light is capable of sufficiently killing them to cause macular causes, which causes disease; suffer by making the vision off or even to # 39; damaged.

Blue theology

The report notes that there is a naturally blue light that; appear in sunlight, among other forms of light, ultraviolet and infrared radical light. But as Caronarathini says, we will not look at his & # 39; sun often, and most of us learn through childhood that it's a? hurt the eyes. However, digital appliances are more scared. The average Americans spend around 11 hours per day on some of the screens, according to the Nielsen 2016 vote. Until now, long & as you read these words, you'll be able to; get blue light often.

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When we look directly on the screen – especially in the dark – we will identify the light to a very small place inside the eyebrow. Caronarathini explains how this dangerous impact is otherwise:

The light of the device can be intensively enhanced independently. When you drink your glass in sunlight, you can see how hard the light is in the frame, you can burn something.

Orange is the new blue

User experience designers criticize our dependence on light blue according to the report. Among them is Amber Case, author of Quiet Technology, who writes in one of her works as the future color of the light of the color, partly due to films such as Blade Runner in 1982 . The environmentally-driven transition from A lamps to rising LEDs of high efficiency and high-speed LED, other inspiration for the distribution of blue light. Little racquet:

If it's a truly enjoyable and truly immune culture that helps us greatly, it can also help us reach orange new homage.

She tells that the army is still using red or orange light for many of its facets, and including the control rooms and the huts, saying: "The effects of the colors are not so small, so it's good for a night shift" and to delete the "dysfunction visual "The blue light – the difference of the light screen in the dark – is in danger in many cases.

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Any solutions?

The report lists some of the most useful technologies that are currently available. For example Apple is offer a "night mode" option on its phones and devices, and allow users to clear the screen from blue to appear in the sun. A number of materials are also available to control the blue light stream for the magazine, and include desk checks. There are blue glass gloves for games games. But worse than the light of light and the devastation it causes to our vision, users want bigger and harder changes.

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As the new generation grows, question: Have the damage been made?

"It's going to take a while to see how much these tools can do over time, and if the damage happens, what's it?" Caronarathini is aiming to have a & # 39; collect data from here. When the new generation becomes complex, the problem will: Have the damage been made? "But now, with the bio-chemical course of blue light, Caronarathini is looking to innovate:" Who knows! We may be able to use one day to improve the flood of the eyes when you know that you have been open to light light, as some insects cause damage to reduced.

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