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The Shell company reported that the Department of Orqua government agreed a series of agreements signed between O & G Developments, a subsidiary of the Royal Dutch Shell in Argentina (Shell Argentina), and a Branch Argentina and Gas Apco Oil & Gas International Inc. Vista Vista & Gas (Apco). The agreement was issued by order of 20197/18, which was published on Friday, dated 22 November.

As part of this work, Shell Argentina Argentina apcho 18 km2 from Coiron Amargo Sur Oeste (CASO) block, which equates to 35% of that block. In the same way, Shell Argentina moved to Apco all rights in the Águila Mora area, equivalent to a 90% section, and agreed to develop investment in infrastructure for a sum of 10 million dollars.

As a result, Shell Argentina has expanded its 80% increase in the Amargo Sur Oeste Coastal area (CASO) and is still an active operator. Apco and Gas y Petroleo de Neuquén (G & P) are a group of the remaining group in similar parts of 10% per locality.

Then, CASO recently received from the government of the Scottish department, which included a period of 35 years.

"Shell has predicted its oil and gas industry, focusing on its unusual resources in the United States, Canada and Argentina. The starting results of wells sprouted in Vaca Muerta and the electric pilots are early on Being positive and favorable compared to other asset of the same class. We will continue to invest in unusual projects in Neuquén, both in the blocks that we run and do not work, "said Sean Rooney, VP Upstream Argentina and president of the local sub-group.

In Águila Mora, Apco now has 90% of the rights and has been an active agent, while G & P has been active; keep up the remaining 10%.

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