The second biggest Ebola disease in history, the people of Congo believe in deceit and stop big diseases. TechNews


Congo's Democratic Republic has been battling against the best Ebola epidemic in history for several months.

Agence France that France-Presse recited, according to the Congolese Ministry of Health, in the most recent episode of the last eight months, that thousands of people were included, and t kill almost two-thirds.

A survey of nearly 1,000 people in the eastern cities of Beni and Butembo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo found that only a third of respondents thought that local government would help them in their situation, more than t A quarter or even I don't think it is Ebola. Ebola attacked both places.

A higher proportion (36%) of respondents indicated that the disease is causing the country to be dangerous and impressive. Most of the 961 interviewees said they had heard a false rumor about the situation.

Patrick Vinck, a senior researcher at Harvard Medical School, said: "We have found that authorities have been trusting for three years, specifically for the Ebola crisis, and decreasing t The research was published in the British medical magazine, The Lancet.

He told the Thomson Reuters Trust: "To a certain extent, a lack of care and attention to this subject over the years has led us to address outcomes now."

The survey is based on the total of 961 respondents in September last year. It is thought that non-Ebola calls for a 15-hour formal remedy are more likely than believers, and may be that the circumstances will t their tide would be five times smaller.

According to the Ministry of Health's Democratic Republic, as at present, 1,022 people have been injured by Ebola virus in the east, and 639 people have died. In recent weeks, there are an average of 8 new cases a day.

(Translator: Wang Pinxuan; first edition: Flickr / NIAID CC BY 2.0)

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