The second idea for Rachael Ostovich to fight with VanZant is back


The great female fighting between Rachael Ostovich and Paige VanZant is back for January.

Ostovich (4-4 MMA, 1-1 UFC) was set up to face VanZant (7-4 MMA, 4-3 UFC) three weeks back at UFC on ESPN + 1 on January 19 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY But as a result of a wound in her domestic violence event this week, her first management team said she would be out of the fight.

Having received a second idea from a doctor today, however, Ostovich found the green light to stay in the order, which is just under two months away. Ostovich manager, Brian Butler with Suckerpunch Entertainment confirmed the news to MMAjunkie. The first statement that the fight was going back to & # 39; Following the MMAjunkie report earlier today that Ostovich was seeking a second idea.

Butler told MMAjunkie that Ostovich's orbital bone is still broken, but he "cures well and is right for the fight."

VanZant also posted it Twitter eating how the fight was still on and including a support message for ongoing issues outside the Ostovich cage.

"We are going to war together in the cage, but I stand beside each other with her husband who lives at home. Please We fought a fight and showed those people as strong as we are. , "VanZant was posted.

Original commentary Suckerpunch said this week Ostovich broke an orbital bone and suffered a bad deal. He also said Ostovich and his family asked "for some privacy they will handle through this issue."

That is the issue that was said by her husband's hand, Arnold Berdon, who has done today. His first court appearance to respond to the cost of a second degree in his home home in Honolulu.

According to an Ostovich petition that was recorded in support of ordering order against Berdon, it was said that Berdon had been hit several times in the & # 39; head and face during the event that was built on November 18m about 2m. The attack, according to her petition, gave the ground through the event. She said she woke up blood and threw it several times and fled through a balcony, according to a TMZ report.

Berdon, who was first arrested in suspicion of trying to murder, had been free to connect $ 75,000 since it was arrested. Although reports have been stated that the 27-year MMA campaigner was guilty of the second phase attack, a representative from the Criminal Justice Attorney's Department of Honolulu Department stated that not being appealed before a ruler there is a reason to Can not continue with the case E-

Ostovich, 27, was a cast member of "The Ultimate Fighter 26," coming out in a & # 39; fourth quarter after losing unanimous decision to Hon Honkk. However, the Hawaiian was restored for the season's live boundaries, where it included Karine Gevorgyan in the opening round.

Ostovich was a recent competition in July and lost an application to Montana De La Rosa at Final Ultimate Fighter 27.

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