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Millions of people in Germany are suffering from tough disease. Serious illnesses such as stroke, heart or kidney failure can adversely affect. So, it is important for everyone to experience their blood pressure levels and, if necessary, to reduce high blood pressure. But it is important to know how well the values ​​are located.

Many people who suffer unfamiliar with their high blood pressure

According to health specialists, almost every three adults in Germany are suffering from anti-adverse effects. Many do not indicate their tension disease. This can be a dangerous consequence, due to the lack of obstacle barriers to; Increasing their risk, among other things for heart attack, stroke, heart failure, diseases of the areas of dermatization and drowsiness. So it is clear that you should test and cure better barriers early. Therefore, people of all ages should know their blood pressure values. An expert describes how best to set values.

Everyone should know about their blood pressure values ​​to be able to adversely affect if necessary. An expert describes how the best values ​​are validated. (Image: Kurhan /

There is only a slight amount of single-blood pressure measurement

High blood pressure can lead to serious illnesses such as stroke, heart or kidney failure.

"Cardiovascular diseases are still the only reason for death," said Prof. Dr. MED. Martin Middeke from the Hypertension Munich Center at the pharmacy, the international training conference on the Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Room, in a statement on ABDA – The Federal Society of German Medicinal Society. V ..

"That's why it's important for everyone to know their values ​​and to tackle high blood pressure," said the expert.

For the internist, a degree of blood pressure is only low value – not at the doctor's office or in the pharmacy.

For example, values ​​are known to be too high in medical practices ("white coat impact").

On the other hand, especially in middle-aged men, blood pressure can be increased during work hours but may be normal in the doctor's office. This is called tight hypocrisy.

According to ABDA, this situation is associated with major risk.

The rest begins

Dr. Middeke recommends the following method of measurement: First, the patient should be able to; relax physically, mentally and emotionally. Then the weight of the blood pressure will be measured for the first time.

If the value is increasing, one or two seconds should be taken after one or two minutes and rest.

Depending on the information, the deepest breath is the simplest and most effective type of comfort. It is deeply damaged and slowly through the nose and spreads deeply and slowly through the mouth.

As a result, high blood pressure will rapidly fall into a natural way.

How tall are the values?

But how high is the blood pressure?

As stated in the ABDA, there is a standing resistance when blood pressure levels are between 140 and 90 or above; in people over 80 years over 160 to 90.

It is a blood pressure quotation – with some exceptions for patients with partners – they are not treated with a medication.

Suddenly, blood pressure is lower than 120 to 80. "But that does not mean that pressure on blood pressure from drugs is so low," said Middeke.

"On the other hand, it would not be healthy for many patients. There is often a reduction in the lower below between 140 and 90. In particular in patients aged 65 to 80, the doctor has a lot of doctors in the handling objectives, "explained the expert.

Naturally poorly treated treatment

Typically, rapid blood pressure is used in adverse effects But in many cases, the blood pressure can be reduced even without phills.

Above all, it is important to move regularly, to reduce its heavy weight and to stop from cigarette and alcohol.

In addition, some home remedies and fair and healthy foods have been known to significantly reduce blood pressure.

It is very important here: salt only in assessment. High salt diet can increase blood pressure. No more than four to six grams of salts should be spent every day. In addition, there should be lots of fruit and vegetables in the restaurant.

Take care early in the morning

If there is an essential medication, Middeke will take early in the morning.

"The best of the morning on the edge of the bed, the hoodie, not just for breakfast. The sooner the medicine is to be introduced, the sooner it can work, "said the surgeon.

"In the evening, the blood pressure of the night is sometimes reduced too much, and then the body will react again with unwanted contracting."

Depending on the experts, the need for the evening is only essential if the blood pressure is not at a time of sleep (!) Reduced – measured by long-term measurement. (AD)

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