The Secretary of the Catholic Capital will "launch the" rubbish Mecca "initiative. He recognizes his goals


The Mecca Municipality launched a "Mecca without Building Remnants" initiative under its "Examples" as Emirate de Makkah Region launched at the Mecca Cultural Forum this year. The initiative aims to preserve urban appearance and attention to neighbors, streets and roads throughout the holy town of Makkah and its colonial towns and towns, and to scatter the remains of the neighbors in their neighbors removed and removed as a result of the remains of development projects or leaving the property for citizen housing.

The Secretary of his Holy Town, Eng. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Quwaizim, will impose penalties, penalties and penalties for every bankrupt, at least a company, an institution or a citizen and a resident, according to the list of agreed taxes. And to acquire, repair and repair property owners who wish to repair, ship and ship supplies for a & # 39; collecting collection waste and tax incapacity to incapacity. He asked the citizens and the people to work with a Secretariat; Balmacald to make this success successful, so that the town is free and free from a freight and public land, due to many of the remains of buildings during the construction process are materials which are not used to harm society and the environment. Visual pollution, including felling and construction debris, via the Secretariat request or by sending it; contact the 940 communication system.

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