The secretary of the epic is behind the BLACKPINK fashion style


Which factor created the image and pulled in the style of fashion BLACKPINK? Outline responses by the director of Choi Kyung Won.

BLACKPINK is regarded as one of the most renowned girl companies in the K-pop market today. That success comes not only from the music but also from the BLACKPINK fashion style. Company's & # 39; group that gave up the ability of the organization and so, after just two years ago; education, YG had been targeting individually for all 4 girls.

Mail & # 39; Jennie's first opening show with the song Only be distributed on 12/11. After Jennie, YG Entertainment continued to promote the second single member of Rosé.

Fashion style BLACKPINK 26

Off-White motto is a beautiful and extraordinary Jennie about 270 million in the MV release rescue in early November. (Picture: YG Entertainment)

Young BLACKPINK's daughters have brought a new wind to the K-pop market. Behind this incredible style, there is a huge investment. Let BLACKPINK stylist allow for the elements that make up a fashionable fashion; band.

Find a different person

From the earliest days, BLACKPINK's easy style is heavy in the heart of the spectators. In this regard, the styleist Choi Kyung Won said:YG for the style of the four girls was distinct from other organizations "Next Post This is the first factor that stylists have a & # 39; Creating her idea of ​​dress.

Fashion style BLACKINK 25

(Picture: @blackpinks)

The BLACKPINK fashion style is not just young, vibrant or handsome but needs to be a special mix. According to Choi Kyung Won: "BLACKPINK is a style for those with an interest, a curious focus and even a"Then, the uniform of his / her body is not stop at his beauty that needs to be attractive and amazing.

black-style fashion style 24

Along with the bright, young colors such as: white, blue, pink but with a look that looks, a distinctive, creative shampoo, BLACKPINK will always turning the level of music to a fashionable fashion. (Photo: @blackpinkofficial)

Fashion style BLACKPINK 1

The shirt is great when the stylist slides down. (Picture: @ jennie_style)

Fashion style BLACKPINK 2.1

Lisa got the bracelet with her turn Wendy Jim, costing more than $ 9 million and $ 40 million boxer jeans Balenciaga. (Picture: sum / @ blackpinkcloset)

Fashion style BLACKPINK 3

Simple tattoos become more attractive when they are cut into the skin. (Picture: @blackpinkcloset)

Fashion style BLACKPINK 2

The strongest one is that the stylist will cut out the body of Chalvin Klein and his / her; Color the shirt to make the tanktop. (Picture: @blackpinkcloset)

Fashion silence Kim Hee Sun: "A lady" came in the live movie

Fashioner's Fashion Style The combination of an elegant old man, in the Àmar Room. 9.

Company investment

One of the most important aspects of BLACKPINK fashion style shapes is the strong investment in YG clothing. Choi Kyung Won, "I have been helping the company greatly in the style of BLACKPINK fashion style. Often, new groups are often not in the smaller stock, but with BLACKPINK, YG is on my help with a connection to a number of well-known brands and provide a very genuine budget. " The best evidence for this is that the BLACKPINK group is often featured in expensive clothing from many famous brands.

Fashion style BLACKPINK 23

Jennie appears to be powerful in a bridal dress of over 200 million VNDs from the Dolce & Gabbana brand. (Photo: @blackpinksstyle).

Fashion style BLACKPINK 22

At the event, Jennie is handsome with a Gucci shirt, worth over 70 million. (Photo: @blackpinksstyle).

fashion style of BLACKPINK 21

Rose had a great interest in the value of 170 million VND Alexander McQueen leather suit. (Photo: @blackpinksstyle).

BLACKPINK fashion style 20

Only dressed san Ddu-du Ddu's two Prism Y Rose trousers cost over 20 million VNDs. (Photo: @iamygfashionblackpink).

Fashion style BLACKPINK 19

Lisa in the bright white design of the Y Y Project and the high heel of Balenciaga. Total value up to 70 million. (Picture: @blackpinkcloset)

Fashion style BLACKPINK 18

Michael Kors's magnificent sugar logo and Lisa's pass race also reached 70 million VND. (Photo: @blackpinksstyle).

Fashion style BLACKPINK 17

Jisoo is stylish in the VND design that is over 80 million of Saint Laurent. (Photo: @blackpinksstyle)

BLACKPINK fashion style 15

Cosmetic Jissoo flower dress dresses cost 20 million VND. (Photo: @blackpinksstyle)

Music showcase concept (subject)

According to Choi Kyung Won, the BLACKPINK fashion style will always be changed to suit the subject of music. For BLACKPINK, fashion as a powerful helper will appear to display color; Music each time the girls come back.

Fashion style BLACKPINK 16

In 2 MVs Boombayah and Whistle, The BLACKPINK flag is full of personality, full of personality, according to its vibrant music concept. (Picture: YG Entertainment Inc)

Fashion style BLACKPINK 14

In one single Mar If It's Your Last, New style and music. Clothing also show color but there is a shortage of specific methods. (Picture: YG Entertainment Inc)

Fashion style BLACKPINK 13

He really met Ddu-du Ddu-du, its BLACKPINK group has been in & # 39; Delivering the genuine music by fashionable style in a beautiful and vibrant style. (Picture: YG Entertainment Inc)

Understand the strengths of each member

Not only is BLACKPINK style of style that illustrates the subject of the song but also the style and image of each member. Choi Kyung Won stylist elects individual items individually.

Le Jennie will be the picture of a fashionable woman but featuring both attractive and handsome. Jennie's style of fashion is always common with personality and attractiveness.

Fashion style BLACKPINK 12

Jennie's very good truth and body is greatly enhanced by the uniform and the tools. (Picture: Naver)

Fashion style BLACKPINK 11

Jennie is stunning and beautiful in bright colors. (Picture: Naver)

The "BLACKPINK" group is considered to be a "rose" in Jisoo with sweet and female beauty. So, the stylist always welcomes Jisoo and the sweet clothes will go to her; combining the beauty of mystery and divinity.

Fashion style BLACKPINK 10

It is also on black cloth, but Jisoo's design is usually used to use a & # 39; send out details or equipment to make it stable. (Picture: Naver)

Fashion style BLACKPINK 9

The colors are bright colors in the more personalized designs. (Picture: Naver)

The style of Lisa's fashion in BLACKPINK has never been different, but her personal style is still strong. Director said:As Lisa is one rapper want so she is shaped The style is tomboy and strong"

Fashion style BLACKPINK 8

The clothes are cool "cool" always for Lisa. (Picture: YG Entertainment)

Fashion style BLACKPINK 7

(Picture: @blackpinks)

With the young, lively Rose, the style of dress that is dynamic, attractive, is still as new as the choice and the right choice.

Fashion style BLACKPINK 6

Dirt's street style is a special change to Rose Rose when it is with appliances. (Picture: YG Entertainment)

black-fashioned fashion style 18

At Rose, the beautiful and young style sing out apart. (Picture: Naver)

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