The Sedokova Network is convicted of "other people" legs


В Сети осудили Седокову за «чужие» ноги на ее фото

Singer Anna Sedokova "photographed" in the "cases of others, with pumps, so they disturbed the Instagram as a whole, after having several hundred ideas and responding angry and careful.

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The famous ones published the picture, which says that it makes a printing bulk on a bowl. At first sight, the artist has a & # 39; shows a strong body, carved and an athletic ability. There is only one important challenge – not that body.

В Сети осудили Седокову за «чужие» ноги на ее фото

As well as the good work of Photoshop's or her own mask, Sedokova. In fact, the singer often visits the athletics, and there are unique scenery, but not the same level! The situation did not save even philosophical results.

"There was a balanced paranoid at a more sensitive tone, Tonino de Benaquista", – said the sedocova philosophical contribution in the title to the picture.

Some artists have respect for the artist's figure.

"How skilfully you were very lucky with her body," "Wow !!! What's up !!!!", "What are you) and even mommy! You're a & Look beautiful! The same thing remains very good "" what will help "," When Sedokova was broadcast like that? "- write the comments.

Some noted that sedokova was disturbing editors.

"I think this is not your legs. Other pictures show normal fat cases, and just fitness in bikini is", "Wow so beautifully pulled", "Handy For faith, too, the humming was ready. As a hand held, they should express a stronger thinking. Well, why is it even to terminate these muscles, "write the fans.

In September 2018, it was reported that Anna Sedokova, a well-known singer, has long been a long time, stay in Los Angeles with their children. Musicians believe that American culture was a " influencing the singer, especially the famous family in the Kardashian United States.

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