The Sega Publishing Korea will distribute a unique edition of PS4's special edition of Full Full Body & # 39;


[자료제공: 세가퍼블리싱코리아]

Sega Publishing Korea (Producer, Akira Noritomo) is a software company for PlayStation®4 t <캐서린 풀 보디>Korean version Trial Version; to be released from StoreStation ™ Store on 28 March.

This revision has been specially prepared for the first two days as a reflection, and you can see many animations, including new materials, and get action puzzles easier. Problem <풀 보디>Safety & # 39; have been played to play the game anybody has to talk about. It is recommended that you try various security support activities.

A puzzle mode can be selected from Standard & # 39; to enjoy basic action puzzles and Order & # 39; to show different types of blocks.

<캐서린 풀 보디>It was released in 2011 and was a world theme. <캐서린>It's a whole new force. ATLUS titles that have seen much of an attack seem to have become "major problems", adding new elements and retaining their unique level of work ability.

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