The "Sept à Huit" magazine at IT1 talks about Saad Lamjarred


"Seven to Eight" also remembers the cause of Laura Prioul who has a " complained that he had been fighting two years ago in a hotel room in Paris, as well as complaining about Franco-Moroccan that would be held in Casablanca. Two other girls, according to IT magazine, did not complain. They tell the offenders in Marrakech in 2015 for one and in Paris in October 2017 to the other.

"He gave my children, that is why I can not speak, I think of how he was killed because of his destruction, he lost my life, "the journals are from written evidence and brought out to" Seven to eight "by one of the two young women.

The show shows support from singers fans and thousands of messages from threats or support received by Laura Prioul, shows that he would have been trying to buy his quiet. "

"I received messages telling me that there have been a Saudis that came to France to" Saad Lamjarred "released and" which offers me a lot of money for 500,000 or 1 million euro to withdraw my complaint and leave Saad only, I've never missed, there is no question that I'm in. Accepting money in addition to my luck or I will bring back my complaint, "said Laura Prioul in this report.

"In Saint-Tropez's case in last August, he would also have received money. According to a close source of the survey, a young message message sent a message of € 200 000 which is a recommendation. The lawyer recognizing the singer that this message is in place but says the client does not know where it comes, "said IT1 magazine.

According to Me Fédida, "it is a positive part of the Saad Lamjarred that is included for two reasons. The first one, this message is addressed Saad Lamjarred is already in the hands of the police. However, he does not attend but he serves me. He would recognize that there was violence because there would be a recompense, and Saad Lamjarred always challenges him.

The IT1 magazine says that the singer has lost a lot of support, since he returned to prison, that Eric Dupont-Moretti does not represent him more and in Morocco, as happened in the case of Weinstein, created #Masaktach general (not I would not be silent) to face violence against women ", says that Saad Lamjarred is also banned from the waves of many Moroccan motions.

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