The seventh game will be fair, we have to see it, said Stacked


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So the seventh battle in West Bohemia on Saturday must come to a decision about whether to go to the sea.

Burning Nice.
It appeared from the weight on the lines before we started. We were excellent in the third one. The frequency of shooting was very good for us today. We were strong, we believed in the sack.

You will only give a third of the season. And vitally important.
Now we look at what and what is there. I'm pleased that the aim has helped people that we built up, and that we keep going. I was picked up and worked out.

At the same time, you seemed to be looking for colleagues, but they were covered, so you took it?
At first I was searching for people because Frod was taking the missiles. But then I decided well.

You would turn the end of the season, and there was no Pilsen management there.
It was important that we believed after the situation that we received because of the pressure. There, we didn't change the game completely, we went after it. We knew if it wasn't for today, that it wouldn't be a second chance. It's great we have a weight, weight, reward.

You did not use between five and three powers to play again. If you weren't afraid he would disappear?
Now you don't train too much. We're trying, the men don't go there to visit. There are vessels. I believe something will wake up in the next game and we get more goals from the power game.

Best Performance in Series? You clearly played Pilsen.
We already had games like that. If it was seen from the main venue, it was so big. We can't be happy at seeing it, it may be reflected in the next game. But everybody is completely different. It's about who owns how many strengths, even minds. It will be a hard fight. We focus on ourselves.

Pilsen's favorite one did not finish the series, Olomouc starred in seventh place

Olomouc players pointing in the Pilsen network, Petr Kolouch in the foreground, Jan ...

South after this game you went to the locked room. Is there time to thank the fans?
It's a game opportunity and it is not yet. It's very early for some events, I think audiences understand it. Now we need to revitalize.

Do you like the seventh game away, or are they nasty nerves?
It's one game – who's who. It will be more challenging, but you need to enjoy it. I wasn't playing the seventh games in my job. We lost the title in the seventh game in Karlovy Vary.

Do you feel surprised beforehand to the closed semi-final?
We have to prepare for the game we now have. It's a very good series.

And the seventh game is right for her, right?
You caught that. It is also fair.

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