The seventh is a serious day – it's not just a tooth decay … there is a lack of dental cleansing without


The teeth are not restricted to tooth decay or gingivitis, but other advanced levels of dental care are marked by abscess.

A dental disease according to the "askthedentist" site is a disease that occurs within the tooth, causing pain that may slowly behave, and ; Despite her painful pain, it is possible that abscess can be taken in the dental years ago.

Abscess is divided into two types: anxiety within the one tooth, and anxiety between the gums between the teeth and the gombs, and causing non-conductive pain with several symptoms such as :

– Sensitivity to cold or hot things.

– Shorten the breath.

– Swelling the upper or low cheek.

The bleeding nests blow in the neck or under the bounce.

– Fever.

– Bad soul.

– Bitter taste is often described as salt.

– discharging ulcer on the gombs.

– pain when you cut.

– Peath in the bone around the affected band.

There are two main reasons that anyone can guess so far:

First reason (and most common): very bad dose.

Reason 2: Physical activity of age can be shown to disease.

Avoiding dental diseases

The best way to stop dental comedy is to keep healthy eating as well as good oral hygiene, follow the following:

The day will prevent cavity:

Good good food means eating an integrated diet that will; Processional food reduction and carbohydrates to prevent dirt of decay.

Good oral hygiene:

Continuing daily routines with a medical and brush thread and & quot; preventing the decomposition of dancing, by pressing it in the early morning and in the morning; Using a thread to protect food from tooth.

Regular dentistry tests:

Regular dental trips are highly protected from dental problems. You can be aware of warning signs that you can not see yourself.

News The seventh is an emergency day, but it's not a dentist buck. The neglect in denting is a & # 39; means the time is available. The seventh day is vital and the unit's site complains that it is up to any news, but it is the responsibility of the original news publisher.

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