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Reporter Liu Yiting / Report Comprehensive

Shantou (Zhan Ziqing) is written from "I Love Black Skull Club". Although it always provides a bright and beautiful doll and image sound, there is a good set of financial management. By the age of 30, I purchased 2 sets of 10 million rooms, one for a mother and her brother to stay, It was a gift that gave her a prize. She sent a message frequently through the social networking site. Recently, she also showed that she had her grandmother in her home.

▲ A millionaire exhibition builder

▲ Shantou has a set of financial management. By the age of 30, I purchased 2 sets of 10 million rooms. (Figure / flipping from 丫头 Instagram)

Shantou recently released a photo of the restaurant in the home through an Instagram mobile motion post. She wrote: "Leave at home." In the picture, the SPA work involves its bathtub. Bubbles have a always appear in the water, and there is a whole row beside it. Shampoo, a swimming base, and a screen in the front, you're likely to have a bath, film or TV, the surrounding walls are made in a marble, the whole picture looks to very quick.

▲ A millionaire exhibition builder

▲ Taro produces the appearance of the home restaurant. (Figure / flipping from 丫头 Instagram)

At the age of 23, he saved his first gold in his life. She showed it when it was not usually a & # 39; Save only 2,000 yuan in a leisure cart, and it is essential to use it only once a month. Certainly, at the age of 28, there was a house the first time. At the age of 30, I bought a second room. Two of them were more than ten million houses, and became a wealthy woman in the festival business.

Shantou has a fantastic way of managing money. From a young age, he can only eat some crannogs for food. It is also a & # 39; trying to stop her desire to buy. They did not let her go; think they have to spend money. South-West Start is from a small area to save money in her / her two-door key. For example, when she went out eating with her friends, she had to pay an additional 200 per cent than her friends as she did not drink or drink her. eating food, or due to work needs. When she had to take a small yellow, she paid her price to the driver in advance, and even she was happy and said: "At that time, the face was very thick . " In addition to that, She also asked if the maker would support the showcase. At that time, the total costs for one month were not more than 8,000 yuan. I allowed to thank those people so far.

At the age of 23, I saved the first golden pockets in my life. When I was 28, I bought her & # 39; First room for my mother and my younger brother. Shandou after that I thought to be & # 39; using "money" to make the fastest money, so I bought the first one. The second room was given and the house price was 18.8 million yuan. When people get paid, they play first. If they have left thousands of dollars, they will not have the reason to save money, but in the first place they will be able to save money; distributing the salary and delivering the essential essential costs for each month. After that, I will allocate some money to save, and the remainder will be used.

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