The ships could not even & # 39; against him. Then he learned he had an Olympic gold


Kateřina Šulová, The CTK

Three of the fifteen live liveliors came from both games in Prague in 1968, but unfortunately there was only one winner. Milena Duchková, a water rack, lives in Vancouver, Canada, Věra Čáslavská gymnasium, Milena Rezková high school and ski captain Jiří Raška did not meet for fifty years.

"With most of the Olympics, we still see different events, perhaps those who would not have liked me," said Kůrka.

After finishing any short-term at the Mexican hunting range, he knew he had good performance. "It's just a power, and so I lost after the last beat, everything was moving," he remembered. One-half results were renumbered. "Today, the hunters are currently viewing their computer, each target has been saved and three committees with three members are inspected," said Kůrka.

Brilliant wedding

And so he went to the Olympic Stadium, he sat down at his & her; board with the Ludvik Dawn, and look forward to the results unhealthy. "Ludva said," Dude, now, you're not going to do anything about it now. But I did not even face their food, "he remembered. It was only when the coach came to run the printed outputs and started broadcasting "My hands fell, I poured out my own. Very lucky, "he wrote.

In Mexico, he could not. win the Tsaslavské wedding with the secretary Josef Odložil, who was estimated up to one hundred thousand.

"I was not as impressive. We had almost 120 banned greetings at the airport, and thousands of people in the locations. And Verka was a spectacular audience, he did not. She could not move anywhere. There were also broken bars at the cathedral, because people were flipping inside … The Mexicans were very lively and faster, It is also an amazing Olympics, "he remembered a gold shooter.

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