The short-term salary of the Nissan leader was arrested and also involved in the use of public funds to buy excellent houses. Media News Agency | NOWnews News today


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(Yang Mingzhu Medium Group Reporter, Tokyo, 20th) Chairman Nissan, Ghosn, was arrested for reporting the remuneration of the procurator. Today, he also suspects that Nissan's public money will be purchased to buy excellent houses in four countries. Paid by Nissan.

Carlos Ghosn, the chairman of the 64-year-old Nissan Motor Co., suspects working with Nissan's production director, Greg Kelly. In the five years from 2010 to 2014, only about 49 were published in the security report. A total of 87 million yen (about NT $ 1,387.38 million) were paid, but Ghosn's salary was around 9,998 million yen.

Legion was suspected of restricting the Finance Finance Exchange Act and was previously arrested by the Tokyo Department of Special Inspection of Visitors.

Different media organizations such as the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) and the Asahi Shimbun said there was also suspicion that Nissan paid for purchase in four countries: Rio de Janeiro, Beirut, Lebanon, Paris, France, and Amsterdam, Holland. Cost of luxury home.

According to NHK, Nissan has set up a related company abroad in its name to invest in new technology. Today, she has invested around 6 billion yen, but a bill of bills has been used to buy real estate in Rio de Janeiro, reside or renovate in Beirut.

Nissan's overseas companies have almost no jobs but to give Ghosn's houses, and there is a suspicion that Gosn is happening. using private money as a reservoir for private purposes.

Asahi Shimbun said that Kelly was the public money to buy a luxurious house, and the company's staff were asked to do a business process. The cost of buying a house is estimated to be several billion dollars, but this is not included in the tour report.

According to NHK, Guo Zeguang's car critics said that the business skills of Truth are indeed the world, but Gosn has a powerful power, and the people in which he is living can not live, causing Anyone will disturb his position.

Ghoen has an impact on the future work of Nissan, Guo Ze said Nissan had been decided by Ghosn, and he has not yet trained. After losing Nissan to Gosn, Nissan's main driver should be the most difficult. As Nissan's own work, Nissan's collaboration with French Renaits and Japanese Mitsubishi Motors has become a problem. (Editor: Lin Yiping) 1071120

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