The siege of Swedish tourism is the macrismo division


This was named Friday, Néstor Hernández, director of Argerich Hospital, to provide Christoffer Persson's medical report, which was run three times in the last hours.

"The patient is growing favorably, without a fever, he has been intense to intermediate treatment, but he has to stay in hospital"Hernandez said in a short news conference that was held from the hospital door.

Diego Santilli

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Diego Santilli in Argerich's introduction to the health of Swedish tourists

This evening, he was invited by Deputy President of the Government Diego Santilli. The officer, who was in charge of security security to & # 39; Baile, the same authority that visited the wounded tourists. The image, on which it was accessed About the BBC, it is unofficial to distribute, or not, a section of insecurity sections in the & # 39; macrismo in the election year.

The doctors working on Persson agreed with the family to move their right case to save "his life," said the director of the medical institute, The victim was arranged at the surgery.

At the same time, the neighbor who helped their couple helped after the violent incident did not; He got again with the tourists and told him as an engineer, you can now go to; loyal.

burned at Swedish tourists.mp4

"It's an amazing person, an excellent man." D & # 39; tell me that it hurts a bit. I put my excuse, but tell me that this could happen here or elsewhere"said the nephew who made a jacket on his foot to the victim to stop bleeding.

The neighbor also said that she never had a course of anything, but her actions "sad" were: "I did it right"he finished.

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