The signs that I need to find out to find in time


It's a gland in a & # 39; A pancreas that is located in the abdomen is very serious, just behind the stomach, and has two different roles: to synthesize synthesizing enzymes that can help, Excavating food in a small disease and a & # 39; connecting hormones, such as insulin, which are dubbed to circulate the blood.

It can cause two types of cancer: adenocarcinoma (which begins in the cells that co-attach) and neuroendocrine cancer, which dies first or foremost if it is found in time. According to the Ministry of Health, the final figure refers to 4.1 per 100,000 residents.

What signs should I take care of?

Due to the condition of the illness and its relationship with other bodies, the different symptoms depend on the condition of tumors. "Those found in a terminal cause a mussel to cause (skin condition, scrub and other mucous fillets) or a dark stream (coluria). This is due to & # 39; they block mail mail data (which runs through the pancreas head, "says Felipe Puelma, a step-up at Clínica Las Condes.

The doctor also says that pancreas-based organisms and / or pancreas tails are usually given small reasons to make them bigger. Most often include uncomfortable abdominal discomfort, low stress, lack of food and back pain.

In terms of the confirmed risk factors, we found smoking, heavy metals, nitrosamines, and excessive alcohol alcohol and radiation emerged. While there is often a sporting activity, a healthy diet with fresh fruit and vegetables, and a suitable supply of vitamin D and omega 3 of marine origin, are the protection factors against this disease, although Developing the prognosis is early judgment.

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How did pancreatic cancer be found?

Being a remote body of the excavation system, the pancreas will give up lateral disasters, thus diagnosis of cancer is usually when it is already. So, medical studies can have their family history been able to find it early, and allow them to invade it effectively.

Those with a greater risk of pancreatic cancer are those who have a family history of excavation-especially pancreatic-so they must remain in control of banned.

Dr. Puelma explains that the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer has been carried out by tests such as responsible tomography of the abdomen and / or magnetic re-installations; inside. "In both cases they can be complementary and must be made up with the latest technology, as they enable better treatment of the cure," he said.

The abdominal ecotomography can be complementary, but it does not appear to have been diagnosed with all illness, due to its position within its & # 39; inside. "Nowadays, since these surveillance methods have increased access, we have shown an increase in patients with hard and cystic pancreatic equipment, which allows us to make therapies before they have symptoms , "said the specialist.

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Handling options

Early diagnosis and surgery is the best medicine option for this cancer. Unfortunately, this is very rare, because a large number of patients are presently ill-treated. "It is important to report that these patients need treatments with multidisciplinary teams (chemo and radiotherapy), which allow optimistic results, despite how advanced what is the psychology ", and # 39; stress the Dr. Felipe Puelma.

The problem of cyst drugs or cyclices of the pancreas is important, because they appear likely to be turned into malignant illnesses while longing; they are improving. Scientists need to evaluate all of these wounds, as appropriate medicine can prevent and disrupt their wounds; treating patients who are seriously injured, "he said. In those situations, his observation can be considered, until the gland is investigated. Everything depends on the type of drainage.

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