The Simpsons abolishes a chapter where Michael Jackson appeared after the abuse of children t


After the controversy created by the dissemination of the narrative "Leaving Neverland"where two men explain how people may be abused. t Michael Jackson, the program tThe Simpsons"he named the man." the removal of one of his events where the singer appears.

according to The Wall Street Journal, the American series carries the section 1991 with the title " tConfirmation Confirm Dad", in that Michael Mitchell it was used for a character called Leon Kompowsky, who Homer notification after it is submitted a mental center.

The chapter in which Leon stands Michael Jackson He's been fond of followers " tThe Simpsons"since it was first presented, it gave little to the world music song that the character sings to Lisa on its birthday.

Despite this, the executive representative, James L. Brooks, they told the American media that the reports were in the documentary HBO yes enough reason to withdraw the event.

Brooks said it would be scrapped "the only possible option was"after the last person scandal"The King of the Pops"He added" that the people I work with, which we spend our life talking to, are all talking about jokes. They had the same idea"

Michael Jackson's family has criticized the documentary "Leaving Neverland" since he first appeared Sundance. In February this year he also complained Superior Court in Los Angeles (SA) against HBO.

Despite the prejudice of the singer's family, t Dan Reeddirector of the documentary, has found that, if history has “been learned” in the past, that is Sexual abuse is complex and the voice of those who have lived has to be heard"

At the beginning of the month, Reed explained that there may be more people joining him charge against the singer, what could happen in a second part of "Leaving Neverland" t

According to information, the British newspaper published it MirrorHowever, the second film director could do a qualification Gavin Arvizo and Jordan Chandlerwho was who? the first child to complain about the singer, in 1993.

At the time, Michael Jackson was forced to postpone his visitDangerous visit"However, as a result of the scandal, however, prior to any legal impact it came to an USD financial agreement 23 million the accused's family may have the removal of costs.

In the midst of all the allegations, the legacy of the "King of the Pop" has been affected. The main radio stations in Quebec, Canada they stopped broadcasting their songsand now "The Simpsons“it will kill them chapter where he was involved

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