The sincericide of Laurita Fernández on the reputation of Cabré's "cabha": "When I met it, I had a disgrace and I realized nothing was to be seen"


Main page Sugar He spoke to him Representatives about getting involved with the actor, who is going to be involved with the actor; maintain strong relationships with the media.

Laurita Fernández spoke on her communication with Nicolás Cabré in the Intruders

Am romansa Nicolás Cabré and Laurita Fernández It became one of the "bombs" in 2018. As well as being hidden, its & # 39; The couple are very legal and the hero is always unhappy to talk about his private life, saying he is love to be a partner Sugar.

Invite you to live in Representatives, Laurita spoke in a wonderful presence that they are going to do. passing through and emotional change of heroes.

When the journalist Damián Rojo He told her that Cabré's friends did not talk about their relationship as she had done Faces, where she argued she would like to be a mother with Nico, she said: "Everything was really natural, you know the boundaries and it's really good to get rid of So the money was, we'll rest in every way and stay as a normal life. "

"The truth, when I met it, I had a prejudice about how it could be after me and I realized nothing was to be seen, I fell in love with him"

"It also happened to me that I did not like something like that to be expressed so with that as this is the first time that I feel, I have this feeling "I am also with other security and with other relationships. We are both very happy and well," he said, happy.

So, Guido Zaffora He asked if Cabré was more comfortable with her thankful papers: "I do not know, I do not think, I do not think I'm accountable. He's very happy and I'm happy, and he's happy, it's good. In fact, when I met him, I had a prejudice about how he could be behind him and realized that nothing was to be done, I fell in love with him"

"I think it was complicated by day and day that it is different, it also has a daughter and I think that's going to change it"

"Was it damn or did someone tell you that it was hard?" Adrián Pallares. And Laurita interviewed: "It was a refusal. I used his novels as a girl, I did not think he was old, but I saw him at home and they always said he was sorry and so on. I worked with one of my favorite experiences and when I met it personally, more. I'm a & # 39: I thought it was complicated before and now different. He also has a daughter and I think that's going to change. "

In fact, about his relationship Rufina (4), the daughter of Cabré and the China Suárez, and what it's like to go out with someone with a child, he said: "It's a combo! It's like that. I already knew because She came to the theater to a lot and spoke more to her (laughter). So, it was a problem. "

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