The singer Fortnite, Tfue says, "I've never had to crack this game as big as it was in the danger of winter


As soon as he went to Fatal Fields, Turner "Tfue" was in trouble.

It was late Saturday night, well into the third session of North American certificates for Fortnite Winter Winter, when Tfue had to be able to go. hiding among the POI woods. He had just been labered by an incredible competition, which draining 100 shields and sliver of health. As he put half the wings inside a timber built up quickly, Tfue appeared on the last exchange.

There was nothing right. The oats contain spectators from a vision (and again), but Tfue met as if it were; run freely over an open space. How could that person be seen?

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"Dude, does this person lose?" Tfue asked him more than his spectators in his 90,000-plus. In an open online browser like this, anything was possible.

A media response arrived later, named by the fast-paced fast-tracking SCAR attack rifle on the Tfue wooden wall. The sights came from the corn, hit the same point on the wall behind him. Tfue published a window to return a fire and was removed in seconds, not to see its challenge before finishing its & # 39; game in the eighth place.

As it happened, his enemy never saw him. It was then transcribed what Tfue knew: it was sent out with a hindrance, which allowed the crime to be converted to decoration of images despite its prominence in the wood.

"This was a shoe in a man here! I knew this man was foul," said Tfue when he stopped on his serving, & # 39; Disabling the computer in trouble. "F *** this game … This is why I do not play online competitions. It's so bad."

Experience was already examining an already searchable qualification process for the latest Epic Games exercise. A $ 1 million event was held entirely online and open to the public attracted to activity, and if the conversation was around the end of weeks of open sessions throughout North America and Europe, Appears, the public did not get sad. Risks were attacking at & # 39; rubbish spitting and stole through the community, with a few attacks made by Epic to prevent victims.

Those players were almost not inspired by those players who included the likelihood of & # 39; What was the event that could be done by & # 39; illuminating unidentified talented attention.

The accommodation was the result of Epic's first large open competition, a 180-step move from the enclosed nature of the Fall and Summer Skirmishes. Musicians were unable to pay the trip to PAX West or did not invite TwitchCon for a very open event, and at the latest Epic. For a Winter Resolution, anyone can sign in to the client during session sessions and try to get one of the first hundred slots (each section) for the forthcoming finals. The game has made continuous progress for a player in a specific Winter Games game, automatically recorded points and names them in a game, a fascinating feature.

Points were given based on the usual criteria – positioning and eliminating each other – with the best use of six three-hour sessions used to improve.

Although a technically competitive sporting event offers a real cash reward, Winter Winter is also a test. It is currently a section of the Pop-Up Scavenger Cup. Capture of materials is exposed, a farm pace has been increased and health players will get when they get rid of your life. This is an Epic way to evaluate how a specific format or set of game changes is to evaluate; get into a very competitive environment because they are surrendering for the Fortnite World Cup next year.

But the formation of a competition within an unfairly-defined method that looks like a dangerous game, is crucial to unsuspecting partners who are experiencing an uncertainty. emphasize the games already. He did not support issues for two days as long before October Thanksgiving and four days before the event.

The Fortnite goal was already controversial before the beginning of the Winter Winter. Park 6:30 introduced the Turrets snow to a bad move and removing Glider re-use Device Players to move. By introducing the Scavenger rules into the mix, they expressed a random impact on Victory Royale player's opportunities. An individual skill became a secondary school to find out the right weapons before the enemy stormed a fortune to move easier to store materials. Creating a situation to try and start a business place. Feeling the opportunity was welcomed, and when this very successful running came, a hobbies could always be finished.

We will return to Tfue, not one of the 200 players who will fight for a $ 500,000 division in the North American final borders on December 11-12. The successful Fortnite competitor, with over $ 465,000 in prize money and three Fallout Skirmish (including TwitchCon), has been suited to 27 points just under bankruptcy at 28.

Despite being & # 39; Over 100,000 spectators came to Saturday, Tf refused to rush his Sunday games. It was not clear why it was caused by fluent speakers or focus focus. Despite this, fans needed to find their games through a third party site, and they did not. He can watch live play. Some have been collected in the Twitch conversation next time on the offline stream Tfue, which estimates the points that appear; at the moment and pleading the hero to they could do a bit more.

At the end of the Saturday stream, Tfue and its audience shared what their last time for their winter. After giving thanks to a number of supporters for their continued support, Tfue looked at his investigation in silence, on his case.

"I've never been in love to play this game so much," she said, seconds before he shot the burn. "I think that's why I have so many observers today, a bro. People who enjoy me are poor."

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