The situation around Fialkov's nurses is getting worse: The inspector has a " investigating the lawsuit


Paulina Fialk
Paulina Fialk

BRATISLAVA – The Soviet Biathlon Union impeded the Act on Sport as well as the dietaryists to represent the Slovak Republic at important international events with its actions against Fialkovi's sisters. This is determined by Pauline and Ivone Fialk, the solicitor's office of GARANT PARTNER. Against this background, the SRB's main sports inspector is the SZB's illegal behavior.

"Biathlon Biathlon Fellowship enters psychiatry in August 2018 to a draft agreement to protect state sport production in accordance with the breach of Section 29 (3) of the 440/2015 Act on Sport as amended, and the Sport Act states Clearly, the rights and responsibility of the sports producer are "Modes on the management of a sports group", which is not at risk of protecting national sport security. "The rule means an agreed action in a format, for example, Statute of a representative; The Ministry of Education, Science, Sport published directly by referring to Section 29 (3) of the Sport Code, " explains how Garant Partner is a company. Ltd. in the opinion.

A sports representative's contract is designated by law solely on sports in the individual sports field of the individual, which can be signed by both parties outside the legal framework. Despite these facts, the League is a expressed on her / her conception, where there was one paper in two reasons together with parts related to the production of state sports with business intentions, who were also involved in the better use of personal rights the athlete.

"Despite our disagreement with the organizational form that the sporting society aims to address the relationship with athletes, we have made a huge effort on the Fialkovs campaign to With the union to take advantage of Fialkov's brothers' rights outside the legal field. As there is no agreement in this area as a result of opposing the views of our ideas and forecasts, there is no A national body has the right to use and strengthen the rights of the athlete in the Sport Act to be legally binding, as we agree. In recognition of the largest interest in Slòcaia production, and signed up to Statute of the Minister for Education, Science, Research and Sport, but the sports society refused to accept " shows the lawyer's office named.

At the end of its extensive information for the legal media of a Guarantee Partner. supplies etc: "The illegal result of the Soviet Union of Biathlon is the control of control – a ban on starting in competitions related to the representation of a Slovak Republic. Signed freely and significantly, and on the basis of these facts we moved officially to investigate the illegal conduct of the Slovak Biathlon Union with Sports Superintendent. "

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