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Against concerns about the outcome of the US bond shift and economic data, many investors are still trying to take slow hands and calm. It is worth noting that the USA stock market could be moving to a new level.

These are the phenomena that follows, museum value Su:

* The world's major economic indicators are major concerns of the stock market.

* The results loop must be carefully monitored.

* Since the US stock market has been around for some time, there are reasonable questions.

* In the Lido case, the central bank's financial policy will help to support the stock market.

* The current situation can incentivize the FED to cut interest rates.

• With rumors about cuts in the Fed interest rate, the market is fairly easy to meet. Once the market is spread, the stock market can break up and create a new market.

* Semi-detached stocks such as Micron, Intel and Functional Goods may collaborate to create key indicators.

* Semi-share stocks are not responsible for the poor foundation of poor performance. This situation can often lead to many new benefits, and it is envisaged that this transfer of new benefits will result in high status of the market.

* Increased interest in large captain stocks, such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft, is also keen, but they are also hoping to drive the record in the market register.

Where do owners go?

There are often price shifts against economic indicators. In this case, owners are advised to keep long-term conditions in blue chips, but they also need to keep a certain amount of money and safe places.

The risk should be spread through short-term trade and the focus on long-term tenancies once opportunities arise. Most importantly, investors should not keep up the long view and should adopt any new ideas based on the newly released data.

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