The situation that can increase millions of young people due to cell phone


Nowadays, Their widespread use of cell phone phones for text or play messaging is linked to anxiety spell, and it is anticipated that the problem will become worse due to the use that it has; an ever increasing range of these tools.

According to academics from the National University of Independence of Mexico,to the decline of Quervain and test breast do not push neck texting, which is the two diseases that grow for the ever-increasing use of cell phones.

Mauricio Ravelo Izquierdo warned the institution that, as a result discomfort and blame they cause, They can be very unhappy. Although the first is the sign; you have a little pain in the area, unless it is handled, it can be heavy, to go to & # 39; Moving into the place causing and increasing the temperature and changing coloration due to light.

According to the expert described, in the hand, discomfort goes from the middle to middle; bow, and necklace from the neck to the back of the shoulders; In some cases it causes injuries in the strange initiatives that emerge from the cervical spine.

Quervain's disease is a seriously damaged disease due to a two-gun blow that causes; to the thumb. It is taken with everyday movements, but it can follow a picture of a stream when you repeat repeat activities as a knee, and # 39; Using some constant pressure, writing or weaving.

In the 90's this situation was related to the use of type writers,go to computers and mice, as well as video games; "he was even given his colloquial name nintendinitis". However, recently it is largely linked to the use of cell phone offenders, because the screens are small and, as such, also have the keyboard, so that the smart movements mean that all the tendons are all; grow inflamed. From here two other colloquial names have emerged: satellite phone order (cell phone order) or h mph East North Easterly, he explained the specialist.

Young people are young and young people; Most people suffering from this illness, because they are suffering from illness. Cost a good part of the day in front of your cell phone. In order to avoid the situation, you should use the device for longer than 30 minutes, and then it should be left to rest for at least one hour so that the hand and neck are left.

However, "the problem is that there are people who can send messages for three or more hours," explained Ravelo Izquierdo, who stressed reporters, who are likely to write their notes on smartphones, activities that can take more than one hour.

The recommendations are for people who suffer from a & # 39; lament: peace; ▪ avoiding such repetitions; use breathtails, not steroids; and in the case of the thumb, use orthosis, which is a kind of calm for the branch to be relaxed.

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