The Sky Air Family JT610 Victims Sues Boeing


The victim's family also seeks compensation in the form of hundreds of millions of dollars.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Families of victims of Air Air plane crash by recording the PK-LQP JT610 flight number to & # 39; Obtaining a legal protest against the Boeing Company in Chicago, on Friday (11/16). In addition to the first case, the victim's family also has a & # 39; seeking compensation in the form of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Manuel Von Ribbeck, who is from the Ribbeck Law Chartered office, said he expected many requests to be recorded on behalf of the victims' families in the past.

"There is no reason to wait for the final report of the inquiry because it can take months or years, the final report will not take on responsibilities; the decision of who is guilty of this accident will be determined by a judge no jury in America, "said official report by Von Ribbeck on Thursday (11/22).

He said, from his long recordings & as it represented families of victims of world trips, and including several families in previous flight accidents in Indonesia, saying that the Boeing MAX 8 plane and hand-held airfields were vast and dangerous. So, that factor is a direct cause of the accident.

"Lion Air is just one of several airlines that bought Boeing MAX 8 to a new level," he explained.

On the other hand, Dean Botha, also from Ribbeck Law Chartered, stated that the Federal Air Administration (FAA) issued a new Emergency Guidelines on Boeing 737 MAX that was directed on what was mentioned as "unsafe problems "They may not be able to develop another Boeing 737 MAX plane.

"The new Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane was designed and depicted in the United States." he said.

At this time, researchers have focused on the new automated mobile system on a Boeing 737 MAX that was not included in the previous 737 version. This new flight control system is capable of improving the situation in which a plane's nose rises to a dangerous extent in a plane; It could not be left on an engine.

However, under the conditions suffered by the Boeing 737 MAX 8, the air relay system dropped down the plane and could not be controlled by the flying team. If not before, flying crew and training were asked to address these situations, change the manual system to avoid accidents.

This automated feature can be encouraged even when the pilot is flying by plane and does not intend to activate it; affecting a plane controller

According to reports Wall Street Journal, New York Timesand other publications, Boeing keeps information on the dangers that may be associated with the control system on this new aircraft. SA Flight Governor has launched a high priority survey on Boeing's safety analysis for years and what information has been issued or has not been given to airlines on the control system on this new aircraft.

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