The Slovenian Railway will sell its locomotives


LJUBLJANA – The Slovenia Railway will sell 11 locomotives with a total value of EUR 1.96 million. The date for applications submitted from 10 December to 11 m, and an hour will be opened publicly at its company headquarters in Ljubljana. Before submitting bids, interested locomotives can also be seen.

There are locomotives located at different stops, and customers will be interested in seeing them before submitting their offers. In Maribor, a co-ordination of locomotives will be organized on November 29 at 9am, mostly Zidan, a day later, at 9am and in Novo mesto, the locomotives will be The show is on 3 December at 9am.

As it continues from the purchase of locomotives, published by Sloinnnein Railway in the Official Gazette, the prices are available; comes from 91,600 to 180,800 euros except VAT, and providers are not allowed to offer lower prices. Before submitting applications, customers with an interest to pay security must be paid. This will be awarded to the successful advocate and will be returned to an unsuccessful applicant within 15 days of the opening of his or her bids on bids, they have already written on the Slovenian Railway.

The Jamaican Railway Technical Technical Commission will open to the tenderers of the public opening of tenderers on 10 December, and they will recommend a selection of the one who will give it a highest price. At the same time, they held the right of one round of talks on the railings to achieve the best selling conditions.

Those who submit applications for the purchase of any business account locomotives that can be closed in the last six months before the offer are not allowed and can not be tax debts, are also wrote on the railings. Tenderers also need to disclose the outstanding duties to any company in the Surname Railway Group set before the date of submission of applications.

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