The SLS and SDS are the most successful among smaller towns among the clients with the number of saints among the parties


In smaller towns, where town councilors vote in accordance with their location; Most of the voting system, according to unofficial data at local Sunday elections among the parties, received most of the SLS council councils. SDS candidates were also successful, with these 633 councilors also running in the total number of elected council members.

Elections in town councils are held in divisional proportions in larger cities, in 65 smaller ones, where there are fewer than 12 members sitting in town councils, according to their. most of the voting system. In the constituent elections, candidates' lists are chosen, and in towns where town councils are voting in accordance with the principle of their & Most, they vote on individual candidates.

Even among town councilors in small towns, the largest election bills were the election. SLS and SDS are blank; most of the users. The last 96 received, and on the recommendation of the SLS, 98 councilors were elected. SD was not so successful in villages, with 27 elected candidates, but the number of elected councilors was second.

The STA will publish a selected database of elected city councilors with its & # 39; Most of the system and the total number of council council members (in accordance with a constituent system and a majority) according to the proposer.


party system together


SDS 96 633

SD 27 362

SLS 98 316

NSi 63 238

DESUS 14 147

SMC 9 100

LMŠ 0 53

Levica 3 44

SNS 1 15

SAB 0 7

other * 272 1418

* other political parties, election agencies, independent candidates and


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