The smartphone is put safe. Will not arrive until 2019


The company also has a & # 39; competition in the region smart smart phones.

Samsung already has it a mobile phone that can be included. Huawei may have something more interesting than soon 8 inch screen. Earlier mention was given that a flexible presentation should be delivered BHO. The same maker has delivered his curved panels BBC Connections.

Huawei would like to introduce the smartphone for her first time in South Korea, and we still do not know how much she is in. The company is currently in the impossible facility. There is also a question about why Korea is a country launched? This will be largely due to Korea's broad coverage in the first half of 2019 5G.

MWC may have a close-up Chinese company in March 2019 and then sell it from time to May to June. The general test on the device in the 5G network is also closely linked.

Reductions show that the device will take one screen outside 5 inches, with the smartphone to & # 39; shows a second 8-inch panel in the unlocked state. These figures are compared to Samsung's mobile cell phone (with values ​​4.6 and 7.3 inches) Little better. And that is counting.

Well: PhoneArena

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