The Snapdragon 712 process allowed more QC4 + support


9 February, 2019 • Mobile Phone •

Qualcomm has released a new mobile process, the Snapdragon 712, which uses the same 10nm process as Snapdragon 710 that is popular. With eight corners faster than the previous generation, Qualcomm says the show is up to 10% in games and other applications. Improved performance on the roof.

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Compared to the Snapdragon 710, the main features are; At his new 8-hour trial at Kryo 360 from 2.2GHz to 2.3GHz. In addition, Qualcomm will support the rapid solution in terms of spending from the generation; Previously of Value 4 Remuneration for expenses. Fastening faster 4+. Along with introducing TrueWiress Stereo Plus and Broadcast Audio technology, Bluetooth sound performance has evolved.

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The Snapdragon 712 is holding a & # 39; Previous Generation of Adreno 616 GPUs and Hexagon 685 DSPs, and its Snapdragon X15 4G LTE Modem provides support for downloading Cat.15 and Cat.13, with a down speed of 150Mbps and 800Mbps. The 250 ISP Spectra that is included will support up to 20mP two-lenses or 32MP single lens cameras.

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