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A number of trains will be stopped by including the SNCB transport plan 2019, on 9 December, due to the work done on the network. Stations will not be used on additional special lines and changes will be changed, says the rail company's company in Monday. But there are also good news for some travelers. On the Antwerp-Brussels-Nivelles / Charleroi line, the last two S1 trains during the week will be restricted to Bruach-Midi due to the RER project. So they do not serve East Coast, Uccle-Stalle, Uccle-Calevoet, Linkebeek, Holleken, Rhode-Saint-Genèse, Hoek, Waterloo, Braine-L & # 39; Alleud, Lille, Nivelles and Obaix-Buzet to convert passengers to the Stib or TEC.

These trains will be moved and they will be served by Charleroi-Sud through Luttre, Courcelles-Motte, Roux and Marchienne-au-Pont. Last week, he will also be the last trainer for the S1 Antwerp-Central train (22h05) – Brusg-Midi (23h21) -Cleleroi, except through Luttre and Marchienne-au-Pont.

Until August 2020, Brussels-Namur-Luxembourg's last two IC trainers will now be unable to travel over Libramont. These trains will no longer attend Marbehan, Arlon and Luxembourg stations.

The departure time of some IC, S and L trains needs to be changed between Liers and Liège-Guillemins and between Liège-Guillemins and Marloie. S41 Verviers-Central-Herstal trains are limited for a short time for Liège-Guillemins, where a connection is planned in 9 minutes to central Liège and Liers.

The leakage of L Libramont-Athus-Arlon and Athus-Luxembourg trains has been changed every Monday for maintenance work. It will be different from the rest of the week.

One Thursday every month between 8:40 am and 3:20 pm, work will mean buses between Mons and Quévy are now on the two sides.

There are some good news, however, which will also apply from 9 December, to & # 39; stress the SNCB.

Therefore, the frequency of double S2 Braine-by-Comte-Brussels-Louvain will be on both sides on Saturday, a 30 minute train.

On the day of the week, S41 Liège-Guillemins-Verviers-Central (Angleur, Chênée, Chaudfontaine, Trooz, Fraipont, Nessonvaux and Pepinster) will be reinforced by two new trainers in an hour (one in the morning, one in the evening) .

The end of the job will allow the refurbishment of full-time L Spa-Géronstère-Verviers-Central-Aachen training.

Finally, as recently announced, as the new transport plan will be implemented, it will identify the return to a service between Paris and Namur, Charleroi and Mons.

Easily, passengers will be invited to consult SNCB's communication channels (application, site) to see the changes that affect them.

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