The Social Committee has made a decision for free school meals for schoolchildren


Free lunches should be found around 517,000 primary schoolchildren in Slovakia.

The Social Committee of the Parliament has given green children free food for children in the last year of girls and primary school children. The Act on Subscriptions was approved within the scope of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family of Slovak Republic.

One of the photographers Erik Tomáš (Smer-SD) tells that they are working with the Towns and Villachan Association of Slócaia (ZMOS) to make sure that children with free food.

"We need to deal with the situation in some schools, the founders, that is, the towns and towns can ask their parents, even if the subsidy comes, who still pays for what is extra. It's very difficult to find out the proportion of that amount, "said Tomáš. However, the Social Committee MEP indicates that negotiations with ZMOS are in the right way, and that parents should not pay extra cents for lunch. "We're on the right track, but we still have to tackle things," said Thomas.

There should be a free meal of around 517,000 children in schools, regardless of their founder. The subsidy is € 1.20 per child for each child's day to attend a nursery or primary school and his / her school; food. Overall, according to Smer-SD, the state would be free of 80 to 100 million incarnation.

The opponents have a lawyer

According to the suggestion, the establishment of a school that has not given food to a child with a health condition needs a doctor's diet of food that the subsidy must be paid to the parent or to the natural person who has a & # 39 ; court helped him with money in money.

Crime Mrs. Soo Gaborčáková (OĽaNO) has some issues on her; recommend and expect a draft of change in the # 39; face full. This is to ensure that only children, but also other people, are free to receive a meal, as this amount will be financed from this chapter of the workplace.

"Initially, I am concerned that this is a subsidiary from the Labor Department in the range of material needs. If we wanted to make this measurement flat and we did not measure your parent's income, we could from a different chapter because we have 4809 subscribers and 1752 missing the post office, as well as their needs, in the context of needs, "said Gaborcakova. She warned that many of the old people in the local government were not even payable for food.

Schools eight year sports grammar

She also complains that, for example, children with a knee-free diet, with a special diet that did not impose the resistant compensation.

"You also promised a donation for children with non-knee diet, but they are already getting a defensive installment. I am afraid that a defenses will be cut off, if we are going to subsidy subsidy for the same thing or diet, "said Gaborcakova. However, the Labor Department has ensured that this will not happen.

The chairman of the Committee, Alena Bašistová (inconsistent) was interested in giving a free meal to children of grammar schools for eight years or not, which was one of the reactions.

"Secondary schools are eight years and this is not yet recommended for secondary schools, but we have already said that if it is proven effectively, we are ready for expansion to secondary schools, "added Tomás.

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