The Solar System may be "flying" into space after a galactic accident. Technology and science Science


at last galaxies Andromeda and Carriageway -dàite Solar System- It's an event that scientists have been in & # 39; Discuss several times, something that may happen in eight billion years. However, another cancers could come before this situation.

This is the Cloud Magellanic Cloud (LMC), galaxy dwarf, satellite by itself Sligo, It is about 163 million years away and it can harm the next two billion years.

At least this is explained by the work of researchers at the University of Durham, the United Kingdom, which was published this week in the Royal Rationale's Monthly Feas and led by Dr. Marius Cautun, who's a get out there "Two billion years ago can sound very long in time compared to people's lives, in times of cosmic there is little".

So far, it was believed that the LMC had two futures: oaffecting the Sea Forces for several million years or, because of the speed of moving, and # 39; escape from the extreme adverse effects of galaxy. What is this search that drags down and its # 39; introduces a new theory, with more influence on our planet.

In the event of this disaster, the survey researchers in Britain say that an event of this level could generate that, is now non-active, there is a black hole in the middle of a galaxy that awakens and start giving out what you are in your environment, which suppress high energy radiation.

Although these artificial fires will not affect the life of the Universe, scientists say that their first effect could be at # 39; install the whole sun system in the space. The future change in this galaxy satellite is happening after finding out what the darkest amount is; , which is almost doubling than previously specified.

Because of these dimensions, scientists have found that the Cloud Magellanic Cloud is convicted of having a & # 39; meet with those Carriageway, to the extent to which it quickly loses its energy.

Another writer, Professor Carlos Frenk, director of the University's Cosmology Computing Institute of the same university, states that "the universe is constantly changing, often through violent events such as the danger of the & It could be with the LMC ".

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