The Song Bung 2 hydro-electric power is allowed to collect water but there is no rain for collecting


On the morning, November 21, producer of Song Bung 2 hydro-electric project announced that the project was approved by Quang Nam province for water regeneration after more than 2 years of events.

Song Bung 2 hydro power power is collected but water is not made - Picture 1.

Hydro Power Bung 2 hydro power reservoir was allowed to collect but water for storage

According to the agreement signed by Mr Huynh Khanh Toan, Former Chairman of the Quang Nam District, after considering the recommendation from the Hydro Power Song 2 Project Management Board together with reports and documents related to the The water is back to the water tank reservoir of Song Bung 2 to a normal water level, the Quang Committee agrees to allow people to return Water Bung water reservoir 2 to a normal water level.

To ensure that the safe work and safety in the area of ​​the stream after the reservoir is returned to the Song Bung 2 water reservoir, the population will be designated Divisional / urban, branches, areas and units to work with owners; the project. Actively implement all necessary methods.

According to the report of the investor, to date the work has been completed to overcome the navigational tunnel, the authorities are able to prove that they accept the quality of the jobs, and # 39; Ensure that the transport is completed is the designated reservoir.

Therefore, the unit successfully completed the water reservoir at 12h35 on 19/11. This is a crucial milestone for the project. The reservoir generates generators for both energies, and enabling national grid and especially important for the largest sector in the dry season in 2019. South-

However, the Song Bung 2 hydro power project is currently in the middle of the glass season in 2018, but this year is particularly in a middle accident, which is much lower than the usual. In the current year, the water is 5-8 m3 / s.

According to the report of the investor, at the time of collecting water, the water level of the lake is below the 2m spill rate, at present 588.92m is above the 591m spill level, the water level is 605m; It takes several days to reach the new flood level.

Reservoirs continue to & # 39; guide the best units to work the units and keep track of the local whiskey improvements to make water storage and prepare for the best dry season in 2019.

Previously, the Song Bung 2 water reservoir was first collected in September, 2016, however, on 13 September, 2004, the second gate fleet failed, There are no reservoirs of sources successful market and need to do more work to solve problems and solve problems. Up to the present day, after water has dropped, water is not collected.


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