The sound of a commander of the army demonstrates pollution actions in the center


In front of 900 officers present in Magna Class of the Military School, Ricardo Martinez spoke badly about military corruption, internal departments and the links of some organized crime led men. Minister of Defense, Alberto Espina, left the degree of the facts made to know and asked him to give him his / her name; giving him all the information "instantly" [ACTUALIZADA]

In a two-hour speech, head of the military commander, Ricardo Martinez, introduced corrupt crime operations in his center, the Navy and Aviation.

In front of 900 officers attending Magna Class of the Military School, he spoke hard about military corruption, internal departments and the links of some organized crime-led men.

Out of here it is a report The Clinic, Unique media that only agrees with a secret file in which Martinez plays all of these issues.

"We have information that permanent officers and allies who are buying weapons through legal addresses, and then donating them for their loss, but what they are selling to drugs drug groups , criminals … That's what we talk, "they allowed the headteacher. chieftain

Martinez also took note of the initiatives that were carried out in the center with funds from the Copper Law. "The last seven months for me is not easy, to address everything … And they're coming back … It's a case FAM (Mutual Support Fund), one of the Millions of Missors who does not know what it is going to do, everything is active ".

On the other hand, and although the general said that a "pianail" was a 21st general departure of the chief executive to investigate the poor repayment of public funds, he confirmed that there were no irregular actions under the order.

"We're doing all that can be done by the Office of the CEO of the Republic, and that's what I used to understand the context of the War Academy and the Polytechnic Academy in such a way . They will not take place or do not make those census judgments, "he said.

"Is it possible to find similar situations in the other locations? Answer, yes, what happens we are investigating," he said.

"Unstable" pension system

Another point was spoken during his military pension system speech, which Ricardo Martinez said "was unstable."

"The truth is that an unreasonable pension system is similar to ours, not with the truth of the country."

In addition, the head-chief declared that the Government has submitted a change in the military strategy that, including the extension of the military post and its & # 39; confirm salary increase in the short term.

"You need to be a strategic one, the good protection of pensions is, pensions do something that you need to be in the care of teeth and teeth, if the job is essential expand military, so that we have a pension base, we must do it ".

Minister Espina asked a report from Martinez

Minister of Defense, Alberto Espina, left the step of the facts given to him by Ricardo Martinez and he was convinced that he asked him to do so; giving the information "directly".

"It is said to me that he was describing events that happened in the past, which are military justice, and where an Army soldier who got military weapons appeared, legal and that it was sold to drug traffickers, "he said. Thorn

"This is a warning that it makes the times want the highest level of certainty for the Armed Forces," he said.

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