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Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

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An account by i24News and Israel Hayom most creditors took 68 seats against the 52nd act – but also appeared in the Blue and White group which left the center of the largest party.

According to the poll, which was hosted by Maagar Mochot research centers and released on Friday, Blue and White would receive 32 seat Knesset, with Likud gone back at 28.

The new choice is very similar to her Yediot Aharonot in the same day, which gave 31 seats Blue and White and Likud 27. But Yediot Aharonot the vote took the 64 seats on the right and the block on the left 56.

According to the Israel Hayom Labor, the Labor Party is on the left of the third most wanted party, but it records to 8 Knesset seats. Seven parties would receive six seats each: the New Right, United Right, Meitz on the left, Arabian Al-Hadash, Zehut Moshe Feiglin, UHJ Asheknazic-haredi, and Sfardic-haredi of England.

The Kulanu party of finance minister Moshe Kahlon and the then Minister of Defense Avigdor Liberman Yisrael Beytenu were to get five seats each.

This would bring Netanyahu a combined 62 Knesset seats without a Zehut party and 68 seats with it.

The vote also showed that 50% of Israelis believe or strongly believe that the US President, Donald Trump, as Golan's territory as the Israeli border, is the fulfillment of the Israeli Prime Minister of Binyamin Netanyahu.

When asked who the most suitable candidate for the minister was, 46% of respondents named Netanyahu, while 36% named Benny Gantz, Blue and White director.

29% of respondents said that the most important issue is Israeli, while 28% said that security was the most important thing. Only 10% expressed an interest in corruption.

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