The specific prosecutor will clarify his & her; quick quiz to old B.C. government


A special prosecutor says that he did not approve the costs proposed by the RCMP after B.C. Leadership of the liberal government 2012 tagged because the evidence was very short of the necessary level.

David Butcher said in a statement released on Monday without the RCMP receiving evidence that others had been able to. New subscription fees were paid in the term up to the governing vote and proposed expenses under the Electoral Act as well as a barrier. However, Butcher said, that evidence fell "a long time" of what was necessary to agree costs.

Butcher has now gone out of his case after looking at three different allegations that he has had. including a leadership initiative, the crackdown due to speed in the 2013 regional election and complain the misuse of public funds in the Port Moody election.

In 2017, Liberal government staff, Brian Bonney, were guilty of breaking up a trust in the scheme to support the Liberal Democrats in the 2013 election constraints by & # 39 ; using government resources informally for party purposes.

Bonney received a nine-month contract sentence, but Butcher said he was not the architect in the scheme, although he allowed to go far beyond what he had to do as a public servant.

The investigations began after the former leader of the challenge, Adrian Dix said that the RCMP was convinced of crime crime in the & # 39; multi-cultural plan.

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