the spectacular Lapland Event of Norway.


In the heart of Lapland, Finland, young reindeer hunts a thousand threats. 1jour1actu give you advice about this documentary to be happy with this daring film.

Alo. Odyssey in Lapland

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in Finland, the area a & # 39; Lapland (maximum level to the north) an additional account reindeer people! There is around 190,000 reindeer. a local folklore five minutes each at birth time standing on their feet, five minutes for learning to walk, and another five having to run and swim. It's a question live. This is also what Ailo, just out of her mother's mother, preparing to get out. Frail, without help a little hide none are known dangers is waiting for …


Narrated by the singer Aldebert, This film tells us a lot about life reindeer. t But it is not a question wildlife documentary like the others … director indeed it has been like fiction, so it has been story, true story about it live. For a year, there was little Alo in fact many people have to do it dangers.

a & # 39; coldof course, of course that will be quite hard winter in Lapland. fortunately, the coat reindeer give them survival a & # 39; temperature go up – 40 degrees. They can move very easily the snow fell thanks their clashes.

And in, wood, carnivores move and hunt, as wolves. They also need to eat food for themselves, what The film explaining well. The scene where he was Ailo, if it is vulnerable, trying to get rid of it, it's very hard agonizing.

other predator: the wolverine, who looks like a little behavior. But here, when the yellow meal starts to move forward Greedy, it's true funny.

There are many more times funny, especially when it is ermin (kind of approximate, three times larger) running swiftly to both sides. The landscapes are also spectacular woods; and a wide area snow Because of this dramatic setting Odyssey, nature who is the queen.

Laurent Djian

Look at pictures from the film Aloe, a Odyssey in Lapland below: t

On the film "Aïlo: The Odyssey in Lapland" with Guillaume Maidatchevsky

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