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Wednesday 21/11/2018 09:45 AM (GMT + 7)

The last "Quynh dolls" program is & # 39; explain how the people who were just play just to give viewers the opportunity.

On the evening of November 20, his last program What to do broadcast. Drama was earlier than the first one.

The main character of Quűnh was built after his baby was re-taken. At the beginning of the last program, Quynh has a & # 39; Try to go to Thinh to talk about all the facts about her life.

The sweetness of the day when Thuy (the same name Quynh) lived with her parents; Looking back married at this time. Quynh's film about the past few days is at the heart of the audience and its joy.

The accident happened to Quynh's father on his way to take a car back home with a car hit. Quynh was taken by a mother to cure her as a cause of his father's death. So, Quynh needs to stay in the days when her own mother lost her. When Quynh described his event, her mother did not know her. believed and welcomed her behind her.

After telling the truth of his life, Thuy knew that Quynh decided to go to his father's house the next day to end his life. The struggle between the two made the knife on the Chuynh. The fear of a great brother fled and hit a car. Quynh lucky to urgently get emergency medicine.

The animated spectators fell from the sky & # 34; of & # 34; Quynh dolls & # 34; - 1

Quinh Thinh for time rescues, to hospital

However, it's too bad to end; film. As the observers watched Quynh's emergency carefully, the words "two years later" put a delay on her; film.

Quynh lives with her son in a rural country, still her mentions Vu and Thinh. The wolf and his group were arrested as drugs. Lann was defended on his mind, and still lived in the country with his family. In particular the majority of a motorcycle appear to be & # 39; travel.

The animated spectators fell from the sky & # 34; of & # 34; Quynh dolls & # 34; - 2

Quynh lives safely next to his son

Many spectators feel that this is a happy ending for all the characters in the movie. However, many people are unusual, movie changes such as fairy tales that help Landscape "die to resume again." The character is not mentioned in the end.

The film is reasonably practicable at the level of the process so that the listeners can listen to them. see their acne. Quynh's iron word to return the child, long & Vu was sure to keep the child afraid of the future for the child.

That means the observer has a & # 39; Feeling something about the movie. However, most spectators are satisfied with the last credit.

The animated spectators fell from the sky & # 34; of & # 34; Quynh dolls & # 34; - 3

The wolf paid for the price when the police were arrested for the possession of drugs

The earliest Kim Ngan writers have shown that the film is very tough and that many people are feeling unhappy. So many spectators have a lot of tale after watching the film that has been considered to be back, depending on the psychology of most spectators.

The animated spectators fell from the sky & # 34; of & # 34; Quynh dolls & # 34; - 4

The view of the viewer gives viewers; see the bewildered

The scene is shown to have suddenly died showing a lot of community controversy at the end of the film. Some said that this is the details to showcase the opening, preparing for part 2 of What to doSouth Westerly

Others pointed out that their character does not appear to be & # 39; only appear to bring the film into What to do the story. This means that many people have a lot of people. see "unusual, like falling out of the air."

He needed

Quynh had a problem when she fell again in her grandfather's hands.

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