The sperm counts 50% lower in men whose changes are </ p>; smoking


His father's smoking is also linked to shorter breeding life in the girls Photo: Pixabay

Although surveys have interrupted maternity smoking as long as they are pregnant with a smaller number of sperm in male children, new research showed that 50 percent of sperm were those that were a & # 39; Smoking when they were pregnant than those with non-smoking changes.

The findings showed that they were independently smoking from the occurrence of nicotine from the mother, socio-economic factors, and their own smoking, and sperman numbers were 51 percent lower than those with changes to smoking.

"I was very impressive that most of her micotine did not find out if the sperm number was the smoker that was so good at her. 39 ", said Jonatan Axelsson, a specialist lawyer at Lund University in Sweden.

"We know that there is a relationship between sperm reporting and animation opportunities, so that this can affect the ability of those men to have their children in the future.

"His father's smoking is also tied to shorter breeding life in girls, so the opinion is that everything depends on whether the mother is smoking or does not appear positive, "he said.

However, the research has not proved the fundamental ways behind this. However, similar researchers have shown links between the smoking statements and different health outcomes in children, such as bad collections, noted by Axelsson.

It may be because of its & # 39; Most new methods (known as novo mutations) come through their father and relationships between the age of their father and a number of complicated diseases, researchers said in the " paper published in the PLOS ONE magazine.

In addition, researchers have shown that smoking is associated with DNA damage in sperm and smokers in the DNA series have more burst.

Children of the smoker statements are reported to have up to four times many of them in a particular part of the DNA as children at the time they do not. smoking.

"Unlike a maternal herd, the father's gametes are constantly divided throughout life and often tend to occur at the precise time of the cell division.

"We know that there are many materials that contain a tobacco tobacco that causes magic, so a person can convince the gametes to become maternal and thus give a gene which causes a lower quality of sperm in the males, "said Axelsson.

The 104 men of Sweden were inspected between 17 and 20 years.

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